Cooking with Pictures: Art in the Kitchen

It’s Foodie Tuesday!

Caramel & Sea Salt Truffles by Katie Gamb

I just discovered the amazing They Draw and Cook which combines two of my favourite things; fantastic illustration and food. Their website features illustrated recipes that you can search within by ingredient, type of cuisine, illustration style or even country of origin.  Here are just a few that looked both incredibly tasty and wonderfully rendered. The Caramel and Sea Salt recipe submitted by Katie Gamb (above) is one of my favourites. The salty-sweet craze that is making the rounds in culinary circles is definitely a trend I can get behind. Katie Gamb’s work is beautiful and you can see more of her drawings on her website.

This Pizzelle recipe by Kristen Nohe makes me want to track down a pizzelle press. The directions look easy to follow and I love her drawing style and colour choices.  Nohe is a professional illustrator and textile designer from Maryland. I’ve just started following her blog and its great place to start if you want to see more of her work.

This handy Vegetable Stock recipe by Nate Padavick is also beautiful to look at and easy to follow. I think this illustration would also be lovely hanging on a wall in the kitchen.

This Linguini with Grilled Tomatoes and Feta Cheese recipe by Tomek Giovanis is a cooking comic with adorably drawn characters. Go! Go! Chicken!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a whole recipe binder or recipe box full of these illustrations? If you’re feeling creative you can also submit your own illustrated recipes to the site.  I think I might just have to get my art supplies out and give it a try. They Draw & Cook also holds an annual competition where you can submit recipes that feature a specified ingredient. This year it was figs, so if you’re into figs there are no shortage of recipes that might strike your fancy.

Speaking of the intersection of art and cooking have you seen the new Ikea cookbook? It’s called Homemade is Best and each recipe is accompanied by a beautifully styled photograph by Carl Kleiner/ Agent Bauer of the ingredients and the finished product. The making of the book was apparently inspired by high fashion and Japanese minimalism.


Fina kanelbullar

What a lovely way to cook.  Unfortunately “Homemade is Best” is only available in Swedish, so I’ll have to develop my foreign language skills before I can attempt any of these recipes, but in the meantime the pictures are pretty enough just to look at.

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