Mango Float

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Image by Nathalie Mariano

Contrary to what we may have been taught growing up, we don’t always have to work so hard to achieve great results. In some instances, the easy way pays off.

Case in point: Mango Float, a Filipino icebox dessert that’s made of layers of sliced mangoes, sweetened cream, and graham crackers. You don’t need to be an expert. You don’t have to cook or bake. You don’t even need a recipe. And yet success is practically guaranteed!

In the past couple of decades mango float has become the go-to dessert in Filipino homes. It is served in casual and intimate family meals as well as in fiestas that are attended by everybody and his neighbor. The snottier gastronomes may scoff at its simplicity, but they are not immune to its charms. Mango float is a universal crowd pleaser. The fact that it is incredibly uncomplicated and amazingly assembles in a flash (though it does require some freezer time) makes it all the more delightful.

My sister made mango float today, and I was there to document it. It still surprises us how easy it is to make.

Fresh mangoes. Image by Nathalie Mariano.

Mango Float

Four ingredients:
ready made whipping cream
condensed milk
graham crackers

Step 1: Cut the mangoes into slices. Wedges work too.

Step 2: Make the sweetened cream. Start by mixing ¾ cup of condensed milk with 1 cup of all-purpose cream. Taste the mixture and adjust by adding more cream or more condensed milk.

Step 3: Build the mango float by layering graham crackers at the bottom of a glass dish, then pouring some cream to cover it, and then arranging the sliced mangoes on top of that. Repeat this process until you achieve the desired height. You can make as many or as few layers as you want, depending on your supply of ingredients and the size of your dish.

Image by Nathalie Mariano

Image by Nathalie Mariano

Step 4: Make it look nice by covering the top layer with crushed grahams or sliced mangoes or a pattern using both.

Image by Nathalie Mariano

Step 5: Pop in the freezer for at least couple of hours. Slice and serve.

There you have it, your basic mango float. Eventually you’ll develop your own style of making and presenting it, and even introduce your own twist to it. Can’t find any fresh mangoes? Experiment with canned peaches. I hear berries are good too!

Check out how these folks have made their mango floats!

Image via Keiko Kafe

Image vie The Condo Chef

Image via Favorite Filipino Foods

Image via San Pablo

Image via Rocel's Garden

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2 Responses to Mango Float

  1. Karen says:

    Wow, Nats! Makes me want to make some. Mangoes are truly the queen of fruits. I’ve tried eating this sipping white wine and it was fantastic!

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