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It’s Foodie Tuesday!

So today’s post is short and silly.  As you madly prepare for Thursday’s holiday, I thought a good dose of silly might be in order?  This was inspired by a post on Spoon and Tamago last week.  A post that featured this Daikon radish:

For more photos of this adventurous radish, visit Spoon and Tamago

It brightened my day, this sprinting root vegetable (and the hilarious narratives offered by each picture in the series).  That, and it led to an internet search for other strange gifts from the good earth.  Just in time for Thanksgiving, this is a harvest to be grateful for.  Such happy pause, these images give me.  It’s quite extraordinary what nature allows for, over and beyond these strangely cuddly produce.

I couldn’t eat this oh-so-sweet teddy bear potato.  Image via Design Swan

There really is something so tender about these carrots in embrace, image via Bee Healthy Honey

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the fact that these strawberry boots come in a pair.  Image via Wellies Wheelbarrow

I’m not sure what this looks like to me, but it sure is special.  Image via Design Swan

And for my son, the Buzz Lightyear carrot.

To a moment of lightheartedness as you wildly prepare your Thanksgiving feast/marathon visiting/epic eating.  Happy Thanksgiving to our friends down south.  May there be much gratitude at your table this week.

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