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It’s Foodie Tuesday!

Canning Print by Old School StationersCanning Letterpress Print by Old School Stationers

My trip to the farmer’s market this weekend had me itching to do some canning. All those bushels of ripe fruits and veggies just asking to have their summer freshness preserved all year round. Part of the lure of canning is the simplicity and design appeal of canning jars; I just love the shape, functionality and old-school charm of them, and I am definitely not alone in this feeling based on the number of canning jar projects and products you can find online. Today’s post is not so much about what you can put in canning jars (although I do talk a little bit about that), it’s more about the jars themselves and what they can inspire.

Hamilton-based housewares companyimage via bespoke rising

Bespoke Uprising is a print studio from Hamilton, Ontario that makes screen-printed housewares, accessories and textiles. Many of their designs feature canning jars, like this tea towel set. They also make an apron printed with mason jars that any canning enthusiast would love.

Jar Chandelier by Jeff and MarkJar Chandelier by Jeff and Mark

Love this jar chandelier by Jeff and Mark, especially for the kitchen or deck. The mix of yellow and clear jars makes this light fixture extra special. They also make solar powered garden lights out of old jars that would make great housewarming gifts.

jar votive by Alyssa Ettingerporcelain jar votive by Alyssa Ettinger

The iconic canning jar gets a ladylike makeover by Alyssa Ettinger who creates porcelain jars out of slip cast vintage jars. The delicate porcelain is perfect for letting a warm glow shine through when lit up with a tea light.

Cuppow Jar Lid - turn any wide mouthed jar into a sippy cup or travel cupCuppow jar lid

I have to admit that I was underwhelmed with this idea when I first heard about it, but after seeing one of these cuppow jar lids in action the other day I realized this product’s simplicity is what makes it genius. With this BPA free lid you can turn any wide-mouthed mason jar into a sippy cup for kids, or a travel mug for grownups.

Marissa McClellan's book Food in JarsFood in Jars by Marisa McClellan

Over the past two summers I’ve been experimenting with canning. There is something about rows of neatly stacked jars in the pantry that make me feel so accomplished. After flipping through the book Food in Jars by Marisa McClennan at the bookstore I think I am going to have to add it to my cookbook shelf. Her recipes look easy to follow and the pictures are gorgeous.

Food in Jars' Pear Cinnamon jampear cinnamon jam via food in jars

McClennan also has a blog (which is also named Food in Jars) where she has a decent stockpile of recipes ranging from the standards to more adventurous ideas. I think I might give this pear cinnamon jam a try this weekend.

Happy Canning!

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