5 Better Ways to Leave a Note, Love or Otherwise

Chalkboard messages

Text messaging and instant messaging — don’t get me started on the impending doom our post-literate future promises (the commodification and degradation of our language makes me cringe everyday in new and unexpected ways). Sometimes we need to step away from the gadgets and engage in some more thoughtful communication, even if all we need to do is leave a simple note. But while I love me some ink and paper, I also recognize the inherent nag factor of the post-it.

Here are a few cool and fun ways to leave a lovely missive, even if it is about picking up the drycleaning:

1. The Medium is the Message

Message toaster/printerThis is the best toaster I have ever seen. Users write their message on the screen on top to HAVE IT BURNED ONTO YOUR BREAD IN YOUR HANDWRITING. Taiwanese Inventor/Heroine Sasha Tseng’s site is totally worth a gander. Sadly no information on how to procure your own…. Yet.

2. Digital Video Memo Fridge Magnet – it’s all in the name

Magnetic video message recorder and playerHa! Think of the one-upmanship that would ensue as you and your partner/kid/roomie/dexterous pet try to out video message the other every morning with this dandy fridge magnet video camera and player! Amazon (the US version) is selling these for thirty bucks. Hello stocking stuffer!

3. Many paths to the top of the mountain; the path to his heart however is through his stomach

Cookie message stampsThese Williams Sonoma cookie cutters come with premade messages as well as letters to make your own words and messages. Brevity is key, I bet; alternatively lots of patience. Perfect for the embarrassing mea culpa (the Lemon Sugar “You Were Right” and Ginger Snap “I Was Wrong” cookie paring for instance) or super sappy note, as the evidence will be eaten.

4. Chalkboard Art

Mug message

Now that’s just sweet. PJs covered in chalk dust… I bet you could make your own mug! Just wash it carefully.

Dog in front of a chalkboard cabinet

For the wordier among us, refinishing an unwanted piece of furniture with blackboard paint, or an entire room like the amazing kitchen pictured above, give you and your guests a chance to be creative on your walls.

5. I Foresee a Big Hug in your Future

Note in a fortune cookieBe a total sweetheart and bake up a batch of personalized fortune cookies. A sentimental gesture to mark those milestones in a loved ones life.

If this has inspired you to save the text message and/or drop the post-it note habit, may I suggest this site for ideas on how to repurpose all those unused post-its? You have time to create an installation art project, non?

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  1. Jennifer says:

    These are awesome ideas and inventions! I’ve gotta have that toaster ;)

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