5 Favourite Kitchen Appliances

It’s Kitchen and Bath Month at Greentea Design.

Whether you’re planning a kitchen renovation or just like to drool over the latest in gadgetry, here’s our top five list of favourite kitchen appliances.

1) For swoon, this LG Side-by-Side Refrigerator is a true case of style and storage converging.  Love the black finish and the slide out shelving it offers.  Yes that’s right: not just drawers, but sliding shelving too. It’s about time!

Fresher Food: This fridge has digital sensors that constantly monitor temperature and humidity in your fridge. Plus strategically placed vents mean your food is surrounded by cool air, no matter where you put it.

Energy Efficient:  Everyone knows that new appliances are always more energy efficient.  And the fridge is often the biggest energy sucker of all the major appliances.  This one uses 20% less energy than federal standards allow.  LG has really taken efficiency to heart, the walls of this fridge are lit using LED lighting, which provides a brighter light and uses a fraction of the energy over regular bulbs.  Plus the water and ice dispenser in the door keep you from having to open the fridge for one of your daily eight cups.  Keeping the door closed also keeps the temperature steady and your energy bills lower (and not running your tap to get cold water means less waste there too).

2) The Dual Fuel 60” Range by Wolf makes for a transcendent cooking experience. If you have the space and are serious about cooking, this offers a long list of amazing features like the ovens’ 10 cooking modes, the beautiful design – from the stainless steel exterior to the beautiful cobalt blue porcelain interior – your choice of range top combinations that can include up to 6 burners, infrared griddle, French Top, and charbroiler, and of course the ovens’ self-cleaning feature (one of the greatest an oven can offer if you ask me).  This range is also Star-K Kosher certified.

3) The Miele Touchtronic Dishwasher packs a lot of punch in a tiny and sleek package.  If you’re looking to make room for the Wolf range above, or just have a smaller kitchen, here’s Miele to save you some space. At only 18” wide, this dishwasher will astound you with its ability to accommodate 10 international place settings!  Like that skinny glutton at your dinner party, you’ll marvel at how it all fits in.  While sophisticated in design in its own right, this model is available in both integrated and fully-integrated styles, so it can be customized with your paneling, or optional pre-made door panels.

4)  Most people chill white so it’s too cold to taste and red at room temp often ends up being too warm. This unit solves both problems at once. For the true connoisseur the Liebherr 26” Wine Storage Cabinet holds 143 bottles and has three temperature zones (storing wines between 41-68 degrees Fahrenheit) ensuring you pour a perfect glass each time. Just beautiful in open kitchens in lofts where it is a proud free standing appliance.

Image courtesy of AJMadison.com

5) A range hood hardly seems like a sexy appliance.  But I assure you the luxury market is tackling that with vim and vigor.  From sculptural units encased in crystal to high tech visions from the future, there’s something for every taste. While range hoods don’t tend to top people’s lists of preferred appliances, they are important.   Not that you’d ever have a cooking mishap, but with open concept  and multifunctional kitchens it’s nice to not have yesterday’s dinner linger in every corner of your space during today’s breakfast.  The Elica Evolution Floating Hoods Collection is a current favourite.  It’s got form and function and is a little quirky.  This is perfect over a cook top in your island as they’re pretty enough to double as pendant lighting.

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