Tips and Tricks for a Bathroom Fix (Part 1)

The vast majority of bathrooms have standard built in cabinets. These are dull, tedious and not worthy of your inner creative genius, especially when there are plenty of delicious options out there.

Double stone sinks on wood

Wood and stone love each other.

Before you dash off to “Ye Olde Antiquites Emporium”, keep in mind whatever piece you choose will have to accommodate a washing vessel. The curvy and seductive Bowl Sinks you see in bathrooms at all those trendy restaurants tend to be 16″ to 18″ in diameter. Bitty bowls on giant cabinets are very wrong, so govern yourself accordingly.

Sinks on sexy red legs

Speaking of wrong….

Height is the other important factor. These sexy sinks are often about 6″ high, so unless Grandpa had overactive pituitary glands and your family has to duck under doorways, keep the vanity under 34″ high. If you have chosen an under mount sink you can, just this once, ignore my above wisdom.

Koehler faucet and sink

A lower profile and gorgeous vessel from Koehler. As clever as their ads.

A faucet is the last necessity. It can be installed behind the sink and centered, placed toward the back off to either side, or… wait for it… spring delightfully from the wall above the sink! This last option will absolutely thrill all who are permitted to enter and will gain you valuable counter space. One drawback to this method is that the mirror will now have to be mounted higher to accommodate the taps. But hey, that might work for Grandpa.


mounted faucets and low lighting that make you, Streisand and Redford look good again.

Coming Next: Using Architectural Elements

3 Responses to Tips and Tricks for a Bathroom Fix (Part 1)

  1. Great advice. And those “sexy sinks” are hilariously bad. Yikes!

  2. Colleen Cole says:

    Love the sexy sinks! I think my hubby would too. Great advise about considering the height of the bowl, too. Obvious, but sometimes it is the obvious that gets overlooked. (Trust me, I have been sitting on that overlooked “obvious” spot, more than once!)

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