Tips and Tricks for a Bathroom Fix (Part 3): The Latest Trends

Double sink vanity

Beautiful, clean and sleek. Much like myself

Nothing drops jaws and draws amused titters like the new and exciting. As in fashion, this often means the return of the old and familiar. Everyone and their Chocolate Lab had stainless steel or chrome faucets during the last decade.

The metals you should look for are ones that were popular yonks ago and have slyly snuck back into the design world. Bronze and hammered copper for example, are subtle and reflect light gorgeously.

Gib Tip: Dark colors are the partners for these earthy metals. You’re welcome. Sinks made of non-standard materials like smoked glass are also impressive and not crazy expensive.

Stone sink on a wooden vanity

This organically shaped stone sink is a fab contrast to the wooden vanity

Be even more eccentric and purchase a hand carved wooden bowl or artisan crafted ceramic sink in a unique organic shape. The kidney shaped swimming pool of old has been reincarnated as a sink!

Combining old and new; contemporary with aged, is what works best. If you have an antique vanity and wall panel, install an ultra-modern faucet and sink. If you have an antique faucet, sink and towel racks, combine them with a sleek vanity, mirror and wall decoration.

Bathroom wall tiles with city map pattern

Never be lost with this magnificent city map tile pattern

Your choice of bathroom tile should follow the same principles. Dark and shiny metallic tiles will make your bathroom a sumptuous feast for the eyes by bringing out the best of rich wood grain and bright ceramics. Natural wood and iron love each other to death.

Black and white bathroom with geometric tile pattern

Tiles Gone Wild!

I leave you with this last nugget: the privacy afforded when using the bathroom allows guests the opportunity for close examination. Make no mistake – you will be judged. So get out there, and together let’s put the “vain” back in vanity.

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