Fab Even When Wet

Jules's bathroom in the TV show Cougar Town. Screenshot by Hooked on Houses.

I have seen this episode in Cougar Town wherein Jules, the lead character, refused to leave her beautiful, newly made over bathroom. I can totally understand. Even the ugliest bathrooms are still sanctuaries of privacy and solace anybody can retreat to. So imagine the cocooning instinct a gorgeous bathroom can arouse!

A surefire way to give a bathroom a makeover is to upgrade the tiling. There are a lot of classic reinterpretations and fresh new innovations in bathroom tiles that can make your jaw drop from sheer sumptuousness.

Here are some of the coolest, most awesome things that ever happened to bathroom tiles.

Classic Lushness

Take the grand and glamorous elements from exotic places and eras past and bring them to the bath. You’ll certainly feel like royalty.

Victorian "quilted" tiles by Acer Petr.

Image from Fancy Cribs.

For a dose of Old World opulence, get these tiles from Ceramica Lord’s Via Veneto Collection.


These tiles by JSPR “dress up” your plumbing to incorporate it into your bathroom’s wall design, and amazingly come with their own shower fixtures too.

Cover tiles by Studio JSPR.


Green Pockets by Maruja Fuentes

Put plants in your tiles! These adorable and innovative tiles by the late Maruja Fuentes give gorgeous texture and visual interest to any room, as well as your greenery’s air-cleansing facilities.


Who says tiles have to be square? These tiles are anything but square! The “Passion” glass tiles by Evit and the circular tiles by Cube and Dot are just too cool for that.

Image from Trendir

Dots by Cube and Dot


You can’t put a painting in the bathroom. At least not a good one that you want to hand on to your grandchildren. Bathrooms demand an art medium that would be unfazed by moisture and humidity, and mosaics are just perfect. And these by Sonia King and Mercedes Austin and her team from Mercury Mosaics are just beautiful.

Exquisite work by mosaic artist Sonia King

Gorgeous tile work by Mercury Mosaics.

You don’t have to cover all your surfaces either. Mosaics work as fabulous accents too.

Also by Mercury Mosaic

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  1. Debbie Ellis says:

    these are great, Wow sure wish I could afford to redo my bathroom like one of these. Love the plants.

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