Fridge Attractions

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A refrigerator is more than just a box in which to store food — it is a blank canvas, waiting to be filled with the colors and moods of life. Refrigerator magnets help us do this. Thanks to their magnetic holding powers, those vast blank surfaces end up holding relics of humdrum routines and reminders, sweetness nothings and silliness, shining moments and stellar awesomeness.

Little wonder that there are quite a number of passionate designers and inventors who aim to bring as much personality, expressiveness, and life into these objects that hold up the little bits of our existence. What they come up with provide refrigerators with attractions that are just as zingy as last night’s chili.

Here are 7 of the best things that happened to refrigerator magnets.


Magnetic Poetry changed the way people used refrigerator magnets, and they became not just pretty and utilitarian things, but wonderfully interactive as well. The simplicity of its concept was brilliance that unlocked brilliance from people. Those magnetized words were really building blocks of wit that drew out originality from people who would only otherwise be drawn to leftover noodles.

This Shakespeare Kit contains tasty mouthfuls of fragrant words that were the Bard’s currency. I had so much fun checking out the other offerings at the Magnetic Poetry site too. They’ve got a boxes and boxes of vocabulary there, for different ages and leanings, from the wholesome to the R-rated, from Latin phrases to sign language, to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Magnetic Shelves

The fun of these Magneto Shelves is in their strange incongruity with the fridge. There’s awesome surprise factor there, as well as practicality. You never know when you’ll need that extra shelf space (ha!). A great idea by designer Henry Julier


Ninja Stars

Taiwanese designer Lee Weilang adds menace to fridge messages with these shuriken shaped magnets. The sleek black things can give your kitchen a dangerous, ominous, action-suspense vibe!


I think there is huge hilarious potential in these magnets disguised as bolts. The very illusion of macho strength and permanence adds a layer of ridiculous to the most mundane, inane messages and photos.


Cold metals get a dose of organic warmth with these gorgeous leafy magnets designed by Richard Hutten for Gispen.

Water Droplets

Korean designer Sang Woo Nam of Appree came up with these perfect little droplets. Their shape, sheen, transparency, and variable sizes make them look so natural, so fresh and wet, that you can almost smell the rain.

Woody Cubes

Where’s that pen when you need it? These adorable little magic pen cubes eliminate the need for that frantic pen rummage. And even when they are not holding pens, the grain and warmth of the smooth neatly cut wood  looks fabulous on any fridge door. From Less and More on Etsy.

Wanna DIY?

In theory, you can stick a magnet on anything, and so barring limitations of size and weight, anything can become a fridge magnet! I’ve seen buttons, twigs, coins, bottle caps, and a whole bunch of other objects that have been made into fridge fun. So if you feel like making your own magnets, with a healthy bit of finesse, here’s a tutorial from Megan of Not Martha on how to make lovely glassy marble-y magnets.

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