Heart of the Home: The Kitchen Island

It’s Foodie Tuesday and the launch of Greentea Design’s Kitchen and Bath Event!

Greentea Design custom islandGreentea Design custom island.  Image via Trilogy Builds

Once upon a time, not too long ago, once the dishes were stored, groceries unpacked, and the kitchen aid mixer and espresso machine made their homes on the counter permanent, there was precious little room to actually cook in most kitchens.  What was the serious home cook to do?

Concrete island.  Image via Josephine Interior Design

The answer?  The glorious kitchen island, a relatively new piece of kitchen furniture, gaining in popularity in homes in the 90s and really proliferating along with open concept design schemes.

Image via Greentea Design

Suddenly the kitchen was a home’s show piece, growing in size,  guests welcomed in! The buzz of the house really moved from the hearth to the kitchen all thanks to one centrally located standalone counter-topped piece of furniture.

Image via Digs Digs

Not only was there suddenly room to whip up a grand feast like the TV chefs do, there is a new place to gather, where families catch quick meals, homework is done under parental eyes, meetings are held and everything from the easiest to the most elaborate of meals are made.  The kitchen island is a hardworking piece of furniture, perhaps the hardest. (It sure is in our home!)

4 Drawer Greentea Design kitchen islandImage via Greentea Design

While kitchen islands were really first devised by kitchen designers to up the counter space, today islands can be customized to accommodate appliances and plumbing and can double the amount of kitchen storage in a space.

Reclaimed wood island.  Image via Beautiful Life

Lego island.  Image via Digs Digs

But it’s not all about utility.  The kitchen island is a great way to add some character and warmth to your space.  Ultra modern cabinets can be paired with a rustic reclaimed wood island.  Heck build one out of LEGO if that’s your thing.  Bottom line, it’s a piece you can have fun with, that can really reflect your design tastes and will certainly be the focal point of your kitchen if not open concept space.  And if there’s one place you want to put your design dollars and sense it should be the heart of your home.

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