Jetson Approved Kitchens

We recently moved and we have a wonderful kitchen. We don’t know how we managed before. We’re enjoying an open concept, tons of cabinetry, a dishwasher (!) and the most glorious island. Of course that doesn’t mean I don’t leaf through design magazines and drool over the latest appliances — indeed it’s part of the job. If you’re planning a kitchen reno and have money to burn, here’s what I’m talking about:

Elica Range Hoods and Air Purifiers

Stunning crystal light fixture that will add opulent drama to your kitchen?  Yes.  A range hood, with air purification ability too?  Yup!  Elica is an Italian company specializing in high end range hoods with architectural and sculptural qualities.

Aga Ranges and Cookers

For swoon! Aga ranges and cookers have enchanted me ever since I happened upon their Toronto boutique a few blocks from an old apartment of mine.  I’d just go and peer in the window during late night strolls.  The dual fuel professional model pictured above bakes, broils, steams, stir frys, roasts and boils all at the same time.  While the cooker below isn’t a new technology – around since the 1920s- it has made such an impression in the UK an entire sub-genre of family saga literature has come to be known as Aga Sagas (apparently the “older sister of sex and shopping romances”, if The Times description is to be trusted).  The cookers, beautiful to look at, have recently come under fire for the fact their fire never goes out.    Totally energy inefficient, though they do last for 50 years and are made of recycled materials.

Smart Fridges

LG Smart Appliances

There have been many false starts for the Smart Fridge.  Ten years of promises for an appliance that will track the contents of your fridge,  helpfully text message you your grocery list, pull recipes up based on what you’ve got on hand; even let you and its maker know when it isn’t feeling well and have repair service done remotely . The future is now, says LG who unveiled prototypes for their line of Smart Appliances at the CES (Consumer Electronics Association) this year.  To market, to market, this year!


For the beer connoisseur in your household, ASKO’s HomePub may be for you.  A fridge, freezer, and high-end beer tap may actually be a terrible idea, depending on how frequently you want to host summer barbeques, game nights, among other social events. Guests may never leave.

And here’s one that won’t require a second mortgage:  the Quooker

Goodbye tea kettle. Hello special faucet that pours water heated to 100 degrees C.  Very energy efficient, using 55% less energy then boiling the kettle;  it also doesn’t waste water as you pour only what you need.   The Quooker promises to change the way you cook and drink (think how quickly you could boil potatoes or cook your pasta!).  It installs easily on your counter, with a discreet tank that fits neatly under your sink.  Also it’s childproof and insulated to stay cool to the touch.  I almost wonder why this hasn’t come along earlier!

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