Salad Days

Steamy Kitchen's Grilled Tofu Salad and Miso Dressing

It’s nearing the end of January and I am still trying to get over the effects of the gustatory excess of December! So it’s been salads, salads, and salads — or at least, that’s the general idea. And there’s a whole slew of really lovely and scrumptious salad ideas to try, among them Steamy Kitchen’s Grilled Tofu Salad with Miso Dressing, and Rasa Malaysia’s Shrimp and Pomelo Salad, both of which have that exotic Asian kick.

An Asian salad made with shrimp and pomelo

Rasa Malaysia's Shrimp and Pomelo Salad

And to give a light, fresh, and delicious salad meal even more oomph, kick them up another notch with these incredibly stylish  salad bowls and utensils. They’ll give the eyes so much more to feast on.

Salad servers with integrated salt and pepper shakers

Salad tossers and shakers combo, designed by Enoc Armengol. Image via Trend Hunter

Green salad bowl with servers

Salad Bowl by Joseph Joseph via Charles and Marie

Salad bowl with integrated hands

Image via The Kitchen Dresser

salad bowl and servers

Koziol Leaf Salad Bowl with integrated servers. Image via Koziol.

We here at The Design Tree have a special affinity gorgeously crafted wooden anything, and these bowls are so fine they blow my mind! I love the clean curves, the wood grain, and the low musical sound they make when they bump against the other utensils.

Wooden salad hands

Via Design Centre

Bamboo bowlImage via The Raw Food World

Bamboo salad bowlImage via The Raw Food World

Wooden salad serving bowl and servers with wooden handles

Image via Wood Worker's Institute

Two-tone wooden salad bowl

Bamboo Salad Bowl. Image via Bambooki.

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