The Quirky Kitchen

Colorful colander, bowls, measuring cups and spoons by Joseph Joseph
Image from Joseph Joseph

Food and design are intrinsically connected. Design influences the way food is prepared and crafted, whilst food has always been a great source of inspiration for designer, spawning iconic design objects. In the design enthusiast’s home, cooking  can be more fun when you have the right tools and tableware that can add a little more interest to the preparation.

Karate chopper

Novelty knifeVia Fing Kisher

The Karate chopper makes chopping lettuce enjoyable and as easy as breaking plywood boards. A giant hand-shaped cutter, this will definitely get the kids to enjoy making their own salads (and hopefully get them to eat their veggies too!).

OCD Chef

Image via Swiss-Miss

This cutting board is definitely on my household item wishlist, and will appeal to many who are avid crafters and designers. The board is made from bamboo but features a grid and etchings reminiscent of a rubber cutting mat. It even has angle measurements! The board is from Fred and Friends, a company that makes functional objects that are also highly entertaining.

Joseph Joseph Nest 9

Colorful nesting utensils from Joseph JosephNesting kitchen tools from Joseph Joseph

Images from Joseph Joseph

This set is a great way to keep some basic kitchen tools organized while adding color to your kitchen. The set includes a strainer/colander, two mixing bowls, a sieve, and a set of measuring spoons. It was designed to stack together with a perfectly flat top, so that it occupies the least amount of space while forming a complete spectrum! This would definitely make a great housewarming gift.

Pantone Mugs and Cups

Colorful mugs from PantonePantone mugs look great on the shelf

Images by Renee Alfonso

And speaking of adding color to your kitchen and cupboard, the Pantone mug series would definitely be at home in any design enthusiast’s kitchen. Each ceramic mug is designed like a Pantone swatch, complete with the color number! Apart from the standard mugs they also come in espresso mug size.

Vintage Pyrex

Scene from Mad Men

Scene from Mad Men

Retro Pyrex serving bowls
Image from I ♥ Pretty

No household has been complete without a Pyrex dish since the mid twentieth century. For the vintage enthusiasts or those looking to add a little vintage flair into the kitchen, classic Pyrex is definitely the way to go! Vintage pyrex sets are functional, and fun, going straight from the stove or oven top to the table, and will give any kitchen that trendy Mad Men like flare.  Pyrex has come to have somewhat of a cult following in recent years, and many people collect them.

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2 Responses to The Quirky Kitchen

  1. Christine Turner says:

    The Pyrex bowls remind me of my Grandmother’s kitchen. :)

  2. Temi says:

    I have the OCD Chef cutting board and I love it! It makes dicing so therapeutic!

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