Turning the Tables in 2011 – Spending time with friends and family

It’s Resolution Week at The Design Tree

Spending time with family and friends is always a popular New Year’s Resolution.   Here’s how your tables are your home’s social epicentre to some good old fashioned family fun.

Wood dining table

Greentea Design’s Ebony Dining Table completes the perfect dining space for the big social dinner

Between work schedules and the family’s extracurriculars some days it feels like an impossible task to have a proper sit down dinner with the family, let alone entertain guests.  But as social creatures dining together is one of life’s simple pleasures.  Research indicates that sharing a meal is good for us too.  It needn’t be complicated.  Check out Canadian Living’s one pot meals, most of which require less than 30 minutes of prep time and bring on the mid-week dinner parties!

The Coffee Table

Maru table

The Maru Coffee Table is a nice sized coffee table. Throw down some comfy floor cushions to create the perfect place for family board games night

As a recent convert to the world of cheesey boardgames,  I know how dumb they look to outsiders, but they really are good old fashioned fun!   Whether it’s Cranium with the kids or a more adult game of cards, crowding around the coffee table for some unplugged fun will leave everyone feeling recharged and reconnected.

The Kitchen Island

Greentea Design's kitchen island

The kitchen island is the new heart of the home, where meal prep, homework, catching up, and neighbourly visits happen

We recently moved into a place where the big kitchen is central to the open concept living area.  Whoa!  What a difference that made to entertaining!  No longer being sequestered in the kitchen!  Visitors help with food prep, taking the stress out of preparing things according to a strict schedule!  Plus the island just invites people to crowd around, share some stories and the battles of the day.  If you’re planning a kitchen reno, I couldn’t recommend this addition more.  If you’ve got one, you know what I mean….

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