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This week we launch Foodie Tuesdays.  Every Tuesday look forward to posts covering all things food – from preparation to serving, we’ll offer up everything from recipes to reviews of kitchen accessories, tips for entertaining and inspiring kitchen design.  Bon appetit!

Yanko Design, an online design magazine was founded in 2002 by Takashi Yamada.  As a publication they’re a not-to-miss site, featuring innovation in the form of ideas and their materialization, from architecture to product and technology design.  They rely on designers themselves to submit their inventions, in a bid to help some of them make it to the conveyor belt.

One of yesterday’s posts was on the Braille Punch Sticker, a Braille label maker by designers Kim Joonmin, Kim Seonil & Lee Eunjoo. Accessibility is an area of interest (and aggravation) for me and I am always excited to see products that address the issue (and am stunned at how many don’t).

In addition to featuring these protoypes, they also have the coolest online store.  I am totally digging some of their kitchen accessories and tableware.  They all marry form with function in thoughtful ways, work with a range of decor styles and are super for space challenged kitchens. Here a few products and the designers behind them:

Magnetic Spice Rack by Zevro

A space-saving and attractive spice rack designed by Zevro has a sculptural feel.  It’s specially designed to preserve the freshness of your spices and also boasts an ergonomic design for easy one-handed use.

Polar Ice Tray by Jackie TC Wu of Taiwan

A unique ice tray allows you to form crystal clear ice by removing opaque white ice. The design is inspired by the form of a smooth pebble and intended to reflect the principle of natural purity and simplicity. Cubes come from a single cracked block, so each shape will be irregular.  For a decorative effect, freeze flowers or fruit within the clear ice.  The designer also suggests using the ice block as a decorative serving tray for sashimi.

It also comes with an Inukshuk mold because who wouldn’t want their own Inukshuk ice sculpture?

Hug Salt and Pepper Shaker by Alberto Mantilla

It’s not easy to embody cute and chic at the same time.  But this ceramic pair – geometric, ergonomic and sentimental – do just that. This would make a lovely valentine’s gift, for me anyway.  I’m easy like that.

Champagne Flutes by Alissia Melka Teichroew

These Dutch-made flutes are an awfully stylish modern take on your run-of-the-mill vessels.  The double walled glass are handblown and insulates your drink, keeping it colder for longer.  Plus there’s the added benefit of being just slightly harder to topple should you consume too much bubbly.

Smart Space Food Dispenser by Zevro

I’m a fan of buying in bulk, but canisters as lovely as they can be in ceramic and glass and aluminum, just take up too much cupboard and counter space.  These wall mounts, smaller versions of what you see in the bulk store, are a good alternative. One ounce equals one twist and the measuring cups fit on the unit too.

Can’t wait to see what else they come up in their magazine and store!

All images via Yanko Design

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