And The Winners Are…

Thanks to all who helped us launch The Design Tree! and for making this contest a huge success. With nearly 550 haiku, it was the quality of the poems that really moved us. Our expert panel of Guest Judges had a very tough task when it came to choosing our top three winners. But the seemingly impossible was done. Drum roll please:

Congratulations to our top three winners, for capturing these lovely moments and sentiments and sharing them with us!

Congratulations also go out to the 12 others who made it to the finalists’ group! All will be receiving $200 Greentea Design Gift Cards for their winning poems.

Thanks as well to all the voters who tenaciously pushed their favorite poems into the lead. 10 of these participants were chosen at random and will receive $100 Gift Cards (listed by username):

All winners will receive emails containing their prize claim details, so be sure to check your inbox!

And finally our kindest thanks to our judges Professor Jim Becker, Ms. Kim Johnson, Mr. Stefan Schauwecker and Mr. Kei Toyomasu who lent their time and expertise to The Design Tree’s inaugural haiku contest.

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5 Responses to And The Winners Are…

  1. Kendra Morrison says:

    I would like to share with everyone, as you probably already know. This was just a tactic for this company to make money off people. As you know there is nothing cheap in there company, therefore the contest was not a contest at all, but a way for them to just make money. Im sure the poems that won are people from there own Company who made them up, to make it beleiveable that some people could win great prizes. Not only am I going to publish this on here, but I will be sure to publish on the whole internet. It is wrong to scam people, The “top” prize winner has a stupid and ridiculous Poem. I saw MANY that were FAR BETTER. I wasted my time voting. Whoever won the money prizes, dont waste your time in buying from them. You didnt really win. If anything, you got scammed into buying items from them. Sorry for all your hard work guys.


  2. Dale Storer says:

    1. First and foremost – Many thanks to all who participated in this contest! It was a pleasure reading through the entries – sharing a laugh with some and being quite moved by others. I imagine this is a shared sentiment by the many.

    2. As stipulated in the contest rules ( No one from Greentea Design/The Design Tree or their families were eligible to win prizes.Poems were all checked for authenticity and the 3 finalists were chosen by a panel of impartial judges not employed or contracted to Greentea/The Design Tree. Our winners include good folks all over the US and Canada. Most importantly: The list of winners is available to anyone who would like a copy.

    3. The Design Tree is a corporate blog, which has always been / and is very obvious to all who read it. We take fairness and transparency very seriously. Thanks again for helping us celebrate our launch, and we look forward to more events in the future with all of you.

    Best wishes for a happy, healthy holiday season,

    Dale Storer, CEO
    Greentea Design

  3. Cheri Readman says:

    First, let me start by saying that I am one of the lucky winners in the Greentea contest and no, I am in no way employed by or related to anyone who works at Greentea.

    I have to admit, I am quite confused by the unfounded ramblings of Kendra. I am unsure of the motives behind the post, but, I am very sure that the contest was most definitely legitimate and Greentea is a store of not only high quality in their furniture, but also in their service, standards and ethics.

    I am incredibly excited about winning in the contest as I have been a past customer of Greentea and have purchased four gorgeous pieces from their showroom. I can’t count the number of compliments I have received on the pieces I own and have already been in touch with Greentea regarding my win and I can assure everyone who won that they will indeed receive exactly what was promised.

    Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing…… its unfortunate that it sometimes has to include bitterness and lies…..

    Thank you Greentea and I hope comments such as Kendra’s doesn’t dampen your excitement at the successful contest and I can’t wait to receive my prize!!!

    Cheri Readman

  4. Beth Wills says:

    I voted for a friends poem in this contest. I am not an employee or family member, also know this company to be reputable and behind their product and name. I don’t understand why someone would take the time or the inclination to want to cast a bad light on something you don’t know anything about!!

    CONGRATS to the winners and keep up the amazing work here on your website!!!

    Happy Holidays!!!

  5. Alison says:

    I would just like to respond to Kendra’s criticism of the winning haiku. I run a haiku blog with a friend and have been studying and writing haiku for the past two years. You can find my work at Although I am not an expert I would say that I am more familiar with haiku than your average person.

    And I absolutely love the winning haiku.

    I had two favorites in the more than 500 entries and this was one of them. The winning haiku captures the spirit of a simple, subtle and funny moment. There is a whole world of traditional and contemporary haiku that employs this sort of subtle humor. Haiku is also often inspired by those everyday moments and a haiku about a fly wandering around a computer screen is perfectly ordinary and everyday and yet the author noticed something interesting in this moment.

    Although I entered and did not win, who cares? There are many good haiku out there and I enjoyed reading the winning haiku. Nice work everyone!

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