Haiku Contest Update!

Thanks to everyone who’s entered to date! We are excited not only by the number of entries, but also by the impressive quality your poems!

If you haven’t yet entered, there’s still time – but don’t delay! Click here to submit!

Accumulating votes is your best chance to make it into the final round. Remember to get your friends and family involved to vote you to the top!

We are honoured to announce our expert panel of judges who each lend us some unique expertise. These four impressive folks have generously offered their time to determine our top three winners:

Romantic languages Professor Emeritus, Jim Becker opens up new worlds for his students through language instruction. With a special personal interest in Japanese culture he has a marvellously informative website that introduces many aspects of the culture to readers as well provides resources for those who hope to learn the Japanese language.

A reigning Design Blog Queen and co-founder of Desire to Inspire, Kim Johnson inspires readers everyday with stunning examples of beautiful design – highlighting everything from architecture, photography, stylists and of course interior decorators and designers. Number 4 on the London Times’ 50 of the World’s Best Design Blogs Kim has a passion and an innate understanding of beauty.

Stefan Schauwecker’s comprehensive and authoritative travel and living guide to Japan, Japan-Guide.com, is a must-visit site for everything from current news to information on upcoming events and festivals and etiquette for visitors. If you’re planning a trip to Japan, this site is your ticket to timely and relevant information on what to see and do, where to stay and eat, and how to live like a local.

Kei Toyomasu’s thoughtful, engaging and authoritative site, Haiku for People provides readers with a beautiful historical overview of this important and unique form of Japanese poetry as well as tips and techniques for budding poets who wish to write in English. Kei’s delightful site is peppered with haiku from masters as well as modern day examples.

Our judges will be evaluating the top 15 haiku based on a number of criteria. The top 15 includes 10 chosen by popular vote and 5 chosen by Greentea Design staff.

All 15 of our finalists will win fabulous prizes from Greentea Design so don’t forget to urge your networks to lend you their support!

Best of luck and thanks for entering!

The Design Tree Team

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