New for Spring

The end of boring bathroom cabinets

As so often happens with great designs, you have spoken and we have listened. We built a few custom pieces incorporating this eye-catching, asymmetrical 3 door design for some of our customers and they loved the look. So now we bring you the new Usagi Vanity and Hutch. As always they are available in different door styles,stains and hardware. We can also construct our famous Mizuya Cabinets in this style (with 3 doors instead of 2 or 4) Let us know your dream design and we will work with you to make it a reality.

With many doors styles available, you can personalize this til the cows come home

Our black shelving units with the crinkled leather look have always been popular as an alternative to standard shelving. Customers love the flexibility since the large spaces will accommodate more substantial objects allowing you to mix, display and prop with almost no limitations! We have just added the 8 Cube Horizontal style, which is perfect for under windows, stairs and lower profile décor.

Play away with interesting objets

With giant lofts, small condos, and narrow row houses to deal with, we have built our Lattice TV Cabinet in many sizes. This new version is a sexy, space saving model that will take the focus off the TV when it’s not on.

This compact condo piece still packs big style

Casual Dining is such a fast growing trend that formal dining rooms have almost been forgotten. The rustic farmhouse nature of our new Dining Tables is balanced with clean lines, giving you the best of both worlds. Available in 6, 7 and 8 ft lengths, they can be stained darker or glass can be added to the top.

Tuscany? Pennsylvania? Quebec? You make the call.

These items are now on line and in stock. See what’s new at or call us at 1888 222 0195 for more information.

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