Our Gratitude for Your Help

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We want to express enormous gratitude to the thousands who rallied to support Japan and Greentea Design’s fund- and awareness-raising efforts these last ten days.  Thanks to your work through email, Facebook, Twitter and your own websites, we are honoured to be making a $6,248.00 directed donation to the Canadian Red Cross to help with relief and rebuilding in Japan following the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Moreover we were touched by the many notes sent our way detailing your connections to Japan, the personal ways you are helping, and your appreciation that social action is being taken.

There is much work to be done and we won’t let this disaster fade from our consciousness.  Look for periodic updates on the blog and Facebook page.  Here are a few ways to continue to help and keep up to date on emerging issues, efforts and successes on the ground as the country moves forward.

  • Like your local Red Cross’ Facebook page for real times updates (Canadians click here, Americans here). There are 186 countries with Red Cross and Red Crescent organizations including Japan.  Your local Red Cross is best able to lend effective and efficient disaster management support to its Japanese counterpart.
  • Humanitarian Coalition represents the joint efforts of Care Canada, Oxfam Canada , Oxfam QC, and Save the Children. Humanitarian Coalition unites in cases of humanitarian crises for a greater impact and response.
  • Global Giving in the US is raising $4M to fund various relief organizations including Save the Children and International Global Medic to provide emergency services to survivors affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

For Kids and Youth – Paper Cranes for Japan

Students Rebuild and DoSomething.org have come up with a wonderful fund and awareness raising campaign for kids and youth to benefit Architecture for Humanity.  Kids can turn their origami paper crane into dollars for reconstruction – and eventually an art installation – by mailing them to Students Rebuild.  Cranes are sacred in Japanese mythology and a symbol of hope; and folding 1000 is said to grant you one wish.  Each crane received will result in a $2 donation to Architecture for Humanity and its teams of pro bono professionals in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto who are partnering with other organizations to mobilize around a long-term reconstruction effort. The 100,000 cranes these organizations hope to receive will be woven into an art installation – a symbolic gift to the youth of Japan from their global counterparts.

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