Welcome to the Design Tree

We invite you to branch out with us into the exciting and often unexpected world of design, travel, food and culture. Immerse yourself in a lifestyle that melds the beauty, comedy, and curiosities of these pursuits with a sometimes east meets west perspective. When we have good news from Greentea – upcoming sales or new designs – we’ll also be sure to let you know.
These are just four of many contributors who will be seeking out visual sustenance and scribing observations for all. We look forward to sharing our world with you and we encourage you to make this your blog. Enjoy.


Dale Storer

Owner, Accidental Traveler, Constant Student

It’s not just about the furniture. The travel stories, strange finds, and fabulous and frightening food – this is what gets the adrenalin pumping. Many an hour has been spent around a sake jug or wine flask, in a beautiful setting, sharing adventures and ideas with fellow travellers. Design truly is about attitude. It is first found in art, nature and people, before it ever trickles down to the home decor and furnishings we see. A life surrounded by better design, is a life better lived.

Midori Tanaka

Writer, Navel Gazer, Owner of Many Useful Things

A cultural ambassador and guide to all things quirky and questionable, she excels at unlocking and interpreting the secrets of the East. A dilettante whose love of the arts is genuine and down to earth, she ponders the great design questions – “How to make Wabi Sabi actually work for you” – and as such offers unique advice not found on other pages. With the perspective of a new mother, she writes with the experience of those who have been there (and can perform incredibly well while half asleep)

Nathalie Mariano

Baker, Theologian, Former Advertising Drudge

Writing from her exotic corner in Southeast Asia, she offers up her own distinctive point-of-view. Known for expanding her feather boa collection and baking her days away, you can expect both fabulous-ness and profundity from her.

Gib Dreffel

Adventurer, Philosopher, Design Guru

Mired in complex legal wranglings (and therefore in need of some quick cash), Gib has generously agreed to contribute some of his expertise on what is wrong and right in the world of design. Annoyed that the title of “Most Interesting Man in the World” is already taken, his adventures have nonetheless helped him acquire a true global perspective of trends and fakes. A man who truly believes it’s what you don’t do that makes a design great, he will post his random thoughts on many subjects – and probably expect thanks in return.

Guest Authors

Look forward to some great guest authors contributing from time to time to The Design Tree including unique perspective from staff, customers and design friends.

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