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Rewind to Film Cameras

Diana F+ Clone

My DSLR failed me last weekend — on my birthday get together, no less! It had something to do with memory card slot, that wouldn’t read any of the cards I put in. Grr! It was so frustrating not to have that instant documentation and instant gratification that I have gotten used to. And I felt awful because I’ve had that camera for six years now, and I was feeling betrayed.

All was not lost, however. Although there was a point-and-shoot present, and smartphones galore, I had a backup camera of the old school variety — my Diana F+ clone — Mr. Pinky (isn’t it cute) which had some film loaded in it. I haven’t been using it for long, though, and not regularly at that, and I was spoiled by my DSLR that did all the thinking on apertures, shutter speed, and focusing for me. Little wonder then that it must have been only 10 shots later that I realized that the aperture was wrong. Sigh. So we’ll see how that turns out.

I have one just like this. Image from Typograph.

So I hereby resolve to use my film cameras more. Not that I have much of a choice, since my ultra efficient Nikon D70 is now officially out of commission. I’m looking forward to it though, and I’m quite excited to reconnect too with this old baby. It’s 15 years old, has a number of scratches, its nice leather casing has been chewed to bits by our dog years ago, and the light meter is busted, but it still takes good pictures — I just have to work harder for them. I have to learn to be not so hasty with the shutter finger (film is expensive), and go through the discipline of checking my settings and my composition before I shoot. I also need to relearn patience, as I need to finish the roll and send it out for processing before I can see my photos.

Wish me luck on this endeavor! Tell you all about the results when the films get processed. Meanwhile lets look at some fun and funky lomo cameras from Lomography.com.

La Sardinia – The Guvnor Edition

Fisheye No. 2 Lime Punch

Fuji Instax Mini 25 – Hello Kitty Edition

Now let’s drool over these true blue vintage cameras from Camera Museum Shoppe.

Mamiya 330 Gold

Kodak Brownie Starflash

Century Model 41

Argus C3

Classic Polaroid

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Fountain Pens: Beautiful Writing, Old School

Image from Wikimedia Commons

My Dad’s handwriting is gorgeous. It’s even and firm, with perfectly formed letters. His loops and tails are smooth and flowing, and his capitals have flourish but can never be called frilly.

When I was little, I would watch my Dad write. I was fascinated by the pretty curvy lines that he would make on paper, and the instrument that he made them with. He used a fountain pen, and this, I found so beautiful, intriguing, and… grown up.

My Dad's handwriting. He likes to write down song lyrics that pop in his head. Photo by Nathalie Mariano.

Dad says he was taught to write long-hand using a fountain pen. Very old school–sitting up straight, pen at a 45-degree angle from the writing surface and pointing toward the shoulder. He swears that the fountain pen was key to finding the correct angle, and thus crucial to the development of good penmanship.

A fountain pen is one that has an ink reservoir that supplies its nib. Although the nib, reservoir, and ink have only been perfected several decades ago, the technology behind the fountain pen hasn’t changed since the 10th century. One would think it ought to have been considered obsolete long ago, and yet somehow this pen is still here, and new ones are continuously produced–fabulous ones that bring glory and pleasure to the often mundane act of putting letters on paper.

The fountain pen is a link to the past, one that is elegant and ever useful.

Here are some of the most interesting ones you can find online.

Montblanc's La Diva, from the Ingrid Bergman Collection. Gorgeous color, exquisite embossed pattern. I love this pen's tapered shape when it's capped. Made of solid 18k red gold and embellished with an amethyst and numerous tiny diamonds.

The sleek and sexy Lamborghini pen by Omas.

Who says pretty pens need to be expensive? This cloisonne pen is only around $10.

A quirky homage to the fountain pen’s ancestor, the quill, designed by Vivienne Muller.

The Aurora Diamante, the most expensive pen in the world, which has a platinum barrel blinged out with over 30 carats of DeBeers diamonds. Costs a whopping $1,470,600. I personally would be too terrified to write with it. From Italian pen maker brand, Aurora.

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Analog Love: Low-Tech Camera Revolution

Polaroid photo

Polaroid Fashion Photography by Fernanda Montoro

I still clearly remember my first camera, it was a pink and grey Polaroid Cool Cam that I got for my birthday when I was eight years old. Shaking away while waiting for that first photo to develop was completely magical. I’m not the only one who has been enchanted by the possibilities of Polaroid, artists such as Andy Warhol and Ansel Adams have also seen the potential in that simple square frame.

Polaroid portraits

Warhol Polaroid Series via youmightfindyourself

Polaroid-nspired fashion accessory

via craftyfolk

You Can’t take pictures with it but isn’t this camera brooch by craftfolk the sweetest? The boxy little Polaroid camera has become an iconic figure of pop culture inspiring, books, designer scarves and a whole legion of fans.

The Impossible Project – Keeping Instant Film Alive

At a time when film production plants are closing all over the world, “The Impossible Project” has done what everyone thought was impossible, they re-invented and started producing instant film for the traditional Polaroid camera. You can check out The Impossible Project here as well as purchase film and take a look at their impressive collection of instant film artworks.

via the Impossible Project


I’ve been coveting one of these plastic gems for a while now and during the holidays I finally got a chance to get my hands on the Diana Mini. With their trademark plastic lens they feel more like toys then cameras, but they sure can take some amazing photos (or ‘lomographs’ as lomography enthusiasts like to call them).

Diana+ mini lomo camera

The Diana Mini with Flash image via design milk

Beach lomography

image by emma jane nation


image via lomography.com


Lomowall by MrLomo

Film is Dead! Bring on the Pixels!

If you’re in the ‘film is dead’ camp and are in the mood to see some digital eye candy, may I introduce you to the Leica Special Edition M9 Titanium. This beauty is the lovechild of Leica and the prominent automobile designer, Walter de’Silva.  This camera boasts one of the best 35mm lenses available and the body is constructed out of solid titanium.  However, at £15 000 this one probably won’t be anybody’s first camera.

Leica Special Edition M9 Titanium

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