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Fabulous Bathroom Before and Afters

image via bhg

Bathrooms are often way up on the list of rooms homeowner’s plan on renovating when they first move into a house or condo, but the work and expense that goes into a complete bathroom overhaul means they are often left as-is for way too long. In order to motivate and inspire those of us who dream of a new lavatory I’ve rounded up five bathroom before and afters that are truly transformative.


Meredith and Steven, from the home blog Welcome to Heardmont, transformed their nondescript main bathroom into a room packed with personality and style. Here’s what their bathroom looked like after their reno…

images via welcometohearthmount


Beautiful isn’t it? You want to hear the best part? You’ll never guess how much this bathroom makeover cost. To completely transform this boring room into a chic and cheerful oasis it cost only five-hundred dollars. Budget makeover are my fave and this one is absolutely inspiring. I bow to their thrifty superpowers.


This ‘before’ photo illustrates many of the design problems that are common in bathrooms, including dated cabinetry and a cramped floorplan. Not much to work with in regards to space or looks. Want to see what it looked like when they were done with it?…

images via designsponge


The after is completely unrecognizable. It’s unbelievable how they’ve been able to open this space up by changing the placement of the bath and getting rid of those bulky counters. I much prefer the new chest with basin sink to the old corner-counter and sink they had before, and that bathtub is gorgeous.


The process of home renovating is never pretty and this photo of the upstairs bathroom in a  Brooklyn house is case in point. Imagine being able to turning this mess into…

images via Apartment Therapy


This bathroom, while still on the small side, is positively charming. It’s airy, white, and classic but with a modern edge. The home owners are obviously limited on space but the dainty corner sink and clawfoot tub are the right scale for the room. Great wallpaper too!

Amazingly this isn’t the first time we’ve shown you a carpeted bathtub on Design Tree. Do you remember Jane Mansfield’s eccentric mansion?  When I see photos like this it always makes me wonder which current design trends will be considered questionable (that’s a nice way of putting it) in a few years time.  It goes without saying that this bathroom needed to be redone.  Scroll down to see the new and improved room.

Images via Southern Living


Much improved. No more blue carpet, no more hideous tub. The new bathroom is far more modern and inviting.  For more images and details on this astounding reno you can find them here.

Feeling inspired? I always enjoy looking at before and after photos to get an idea of just what is possible. Of course, if you’re looking for some furniture or cabinetry to build your bathroom renovation around, the Greentea Designs showroom is full of inspiration. Pssss… there’s a sale going on.

Tips and Tricks for a Bathroom Fix (Part 2): Architectural Elements

If you missed Part 1 of my brilliant commentary, check it out here. Now that you’ve gone to all that trouble, think carefully and cleverly how you can add other objets d’art to enhance your look or theme. Try replacing your conventional door with an antique door. Do not replace it with strings of colored glass beads. “That 70′s Show” is just that. It’s a show. You will not be cool. You will be ostracized.

wooden vanity

Sliding Shoji Screens, a step, and a tatami textured wall all contribute to this powder room's elegance.

Panels with frosted glass or Shoji-style doors can be quite stylish and diffuse the outside light. This allows you to avoid harsh lighting and makes everyone look like they just stepped off the pages of Vogue.

Opulent bathroom

Ha! Over the top you say? Think of it as “My Personal Versailles”

Ceilings are often overlooked as a place to add architectural interest. Luckily you have me to remind you. With a high ceiling you can hang a beautiful antique light fixture or perhaps a flying wooden cherub that looks like it just popped out of a Reubens painting.

Whatever you choose, just picture your friend walking out and saying, in his best “Lebowski” imitation, “That flying cherub really tied the room together, did it not?”

Ornate ceiling

For that luxuy hotel look, give the ceiling some love

With a lower ceiling, you can add extra visual height by painting it a lighter shade than the walls, or using something glossy or shiny. We are not dealing with a completely practical, high traffic bathroom. That’s the messy one upstairs. So let whimsy have free reign and do something outrageous for once.