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Pattern Play

image via decor8

Pattern pattern everywhere; that’s the theme of today’s post. Above is a picture that illustrates to perfection the dramatic effect incorporating a mix of colourful patterns can have in a room. Combining too many types of floral textiles on the couch cushions and the rug could have led to overkill, but their use of a soft colour palette allows the patterns to blend together perfectly. This whole room has an irresistible eclectic-Japanese vibe.

Floral, herringbone, and tribal inspired prints are just a few of the many patterns to be experimented with, and here are a few examples of designers and artists doing just that:

Herringbone Plates by forestclearing

These herringbone printed plates are the perfect graphic punch for a monochromatic table setting. Each earthenware plate is hand thrown and painted. I could see a set of these hung on a wall in a dining room looking pretty fabulous as well.

Emily Henderson Room Photographed by Mark Champion

I love patterns when they are unexpected, and I’m sure you’ll agree that this is the case with the graphic novel-esque wallpaper pictured above. Stylist extraordinaire Emily Henderson created this guestroom using a mix of modern and antique furnishings and this unique wallpaper from pottockprints designed by Geoff McFetridge. I think a guestroom is the perfect place to take some decorating risks, like using a bold wall treatment, don’t you?

Paper necklace by Li-Chu Wu

Li-Chu Wi’s extraordinary jewellery will have you marveling at her delicately created patterns. It’s hard to believe these are made of paper. You can have a look at more of her work here, her sculptural brooches are also out of this world.

via house to home

A sofa patterned in tribal prints is the only statement piece needed in this beautiful living room. Once again, choosing a simple colour scheme keeps the mix of prints from looking too overdone. The contrast between the graphic prints and the somewhat dainty chandelier is also unexpected in a good way.

Click for Art Limited Edition Chair by Dan Baldwin via Freshome

Click for Art Limited Edition Chair by Sylvia Ji via Freshome

Click for Art Limited Edition Chair by Caramelaw via Freshome

Who says art has to hang on a wall? These artist designed thrones are definitely statement pieces. The classic chair design contrasted with the urban print is the right mix of art and beauty. If you want one of these thrones you had best act fast because they are sold in limited editions, with only 33 available in each of the three designs.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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Eye Candy

photography by John Gruen via bright bazaar

I’ve always been a little afraid of colour, and as a result I’ve often gravitated to neutral colours and subdued shades for my home, which coincidentally seems to be the trend in the interior design community as of late. It’s easy to love colourful things like a bouquet of flowers, or a bold piece of art, but living with a bright coloured room can be difficult, and there is often so much that can go wrong when pairing bright hues together. Here are a few rooms that pull off bright and bold while remaining entirely livable, as well as a few tips on adding colour to your existing decor.

via house to home

Sea of Blue

A floor to ceiling blue-room could easily be too much, but by adding an analogous colour (in this case green) it stays dramatic, not overwhelming. The addition of a patterned wall hanging in this room also serves to give the eye something to focus on.

via The Novagratz

Orange Crush

Balancing vibrant bursts of orange with a crisp white makes this bedroom energetic but also peaceful. I also love the sense of fun that comes with the orange light fixture.

Dan Duchars via desire to inspire

How Complimentary

Picking two complimentary colours to base a room around is a designer’s trick that guarantees harmonious results. This living room’s colour scheme of violet and golden yellow is simultaneously regal and playful.

image by Creative Flats via Anastasia Drawing & Dreaming

Keeping it Neutral

Here, a robin’s egg blue wall is subdued by shades of brown and tan. This is a good idea if you want your room to be natural and calming, but still want to experiment with colour.

via kika reichert

Cotton Candy

Pink can very quickly start looking “Barbie dream home” if it’s applied too liberally. I think this homeowner has added enough edge in the sculptural light fixture, fur-draped seats and white floors to keep it chic and not too girly.

Tips for Adding Colour to Your Home

Tip #1 A colour wheel is your best friend. When trying to decide on a colour scheme for your home you can pick up a colour wheel at most paint stores, at your local art supply store or you can find one online. A quick spin will tell you which colours are complimentary.

Tip #2 Use neutrals to ground a brightly coloured wall or floor.

Tip #3 Use patterned textiles to add colour to an otherwise plain room.  A cushion cover or a bold accent chair is easy to change if you get tired of it.

Tip #4 Set the Mood. Pick colours that suit the mood you want the room to have. Feng Shui can be used to assess which colours will have the desired effect. HGTV has a basic but helpful rundown of how to use colour Feng Shui in your home that can be found here.

Black Out

via electrification

Black walls have typically been reserved for the bedrooms of moody teenagers, but now they are popping up in home mags and online. Sure, it might be a nightmare to paint over, but decorating is about taking risks. Painting walls or flooring a glossy black can be instantaneously glamorous, and calls to mind lacquerware and gothic mysteriousness.

The real question is how to make a black room look sleek and sexy, and not like you live in the Adam’s Family mansion. Try experimenting with gloss, and adding brightly coloured accessories, or white furnishings for contrast. Touches of luxe gold or silver can also brighten up black walls, as seen in the above photo.

Oak Management via Door Sixteen

via decor8

Less than perfect wood floors can get a facelift with a coat of black paint.  Refinishing wood floors is a time consuming and messy process, but a weekend worth of painting (with an extra durable finish of course) and you have brand new floors.

via lonny

There’s an old design rule that says that painting a small room a dark colour will only make it even smaller, but rules are made to be broken. This drop-dead gorgeous bathroom that appeared in Lonny is high-style and dramatic. The rusty orange towels, fabulous green urn, and sepia-toned photos on the wall make this room inviting rather than claustrophobic.

Dressing Room House and Home

This black dressing room is rich looking, sexy and glamorous, like the slinkiest little black dress. Polished silver hardware, and a crystal chandelier add some sparkle, and keep this room from appearing dreary.

Design Sponge

If you’re not ready to commit to an all black room, you could also try painting just a couple accent walls. The effect is still dramatic, but much easier to live with, and easier to paint over if you get tired of it. The black, white and wood colour scheme in this apartment is chic, and not at all doom and gloom.

via design sponge

Another option is to paint the ceiling black as the owner’s of this elegant dining room have done. Love the look, and I’m wondering what other spaces this technique could work in. A bedroom with a black ceiling could be phenomenal.

Have I convinced you to make your way over to the dark Side? Maybe Mick and the boys can seal the deal.

Paint it Black

Lemon Meringue Colour Crush

I absolutely have to try this mini lemon meringue pie recipe

Today’s post is dedicated to one of my favourite desserts and favourite colour combos, lemony yellow and airy white.  Sweet and sunny these two colours can brighten up any room and they are perfect for summer. Here are a few lemon meringue inspired items that have caught my eye lately.

Smile Pillow HoneyPieDesign

This pillow by etsy seller Honey Pie Design is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Giving your room a seasonal update can be as simple as adding a few new throw cushions to the sofa or bed, so why not start there. If you’re not digging the smile pillow they sell many other homemade pillows adorned with words, chevron stripes and more.

Russel Pinch via lovehousedesign

Russel Pinchs Mrs. B table designed for Benchmark Furniture is a cheery dose of lemony colour. The natural wood and the bright yellow were made for each other. Love those legs and the updated farmhouse vibe. I think this might be my ideal kitchen table.

vintage ice cream bowls WiseApple

Dedicated dessert bowls belong in every well-outfitted kitchen, and I am loving these ones from vintage seller WiseApple. With a great shape and colour they are sure to make summer treats feel that much more special.

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

What better to go with ice cream bowls then an ice cream maker. This is one kitchen appliance I think I’ll be picking up this year, and in such a pretty colour I’d be happy to have it on my counter all summer long. I’ve already got my first ice cream recipe picked out; Coconut with Roasted Cherries, yum!

Photo by Chris Everad found via designismine

This room shows how well yellow and cream can go together. I like how they have chosen to use wallpaper as a framed print rather than covering the whole wall with it. This is a great idea if you’re a little paint-shy or live in a rental, and the same could be done with fabric.

Street Style: Seeing Green


I adore spring fashion, and as the warmer weather approaches I find myself wishing for a complete wardrobe overhaul, but I never know where to begin.  I enjoy fashion but by no means do I consider myself a style expert. That’s why if I am in need of some inspiration I check out one of the many street style blogs to see what those far more fashionable than myself are wearing.  What is everyone wearing? Shades of green appear to be popular, like the flowy green maxi-skirt pictured above, worn by Andy from Berlin.  I like the way she paired it with simple accessories and a great pair of black heels. So perfectly spring.

Urban Weeds

The Portland street style blog Urban Weeds is fairly new on the scene. I’ve been checking it out regularly since the beginning, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Portland must be inhabited by a super human race of cool people who are down to earth and know a thing or two about personal style. Like the gentleman in this photo; I don’t think he could look more laid-back and casual. Love the colour combo he’s sporting, those yellow pants are perfectly on trend and look great on him.

The Locals

People in Copenhagen dress impeccably, it’s a fact, or at least that’s what I gather from perusing  The Locals street style blog. I’m especially drawn to the style of the woman pictured above. From her green leather jacket to her simple side ponytail, everything about this fantastic look is effortless and chic.

The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist is “the” blog when it comes to street style, and it was chosen as one of Time’s Top 100 Design Influences. Not only do you get to see some beautiful clothes on interesting people but you also get a dose of great photography. There definitely seems to be an imbalance between the number of men and women photographed on most of the street style blogs, but this handsome gentleman made the cut due to his immaculate look and the unexpected jolt of colour in his Hermes scarf.

Urban Weeds

Okay, so this little fashion plate isn’t wearing any green but you have to admit he does have a great sense of style. Love the old-fashioned rain boots and his grey hoodie, and a happy grin like that is always in fashion.

That’s all for my street style round up. For the next few weeks we’re going to be putting together more fashion posts on Fridays. So check back next week for a post about some incredible shoes.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!