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And The Winners Are…

Thanks to all who helped us launch The Design Tree! and for making this contest a huge success. With nearly 550 haiku, it was the quality of the poems that really moved us. Our expert panel of Guest Judges had a very tough task when it came to choosing our top three winners. But the seemingly impossible was done. Drum roll please:

Congratulations to our top three winners, for capturing these lovely moments and sentiments and sharing them with us!

Congratulations also go out to the 12 others who made it to the finalists’ group! All will be receiving $200 Greentea Design Gift Cards for their winning poems.

Thanks as well to all the voters who tenaciously pushed their favorite poems into the lead. 10 of these participants were chosen at random and will receive $100 Gift Cards (listed by username):

All winners will receive emails containing their prize claim details, so be sure to check your inbox!

And finally our kindest thanks to our judges Professor Jim Becker, Ms. Kim Johnson, Mr. Stefan Schauwecker and Mr. Kei Toyomasu who lent their time and expertise to The Design Tree’s inaugural haiku contest.

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Top 15 Finalists from the Design Tree Haiku Contest

We are so excited to announce the 15 haiku that have made it into the Finalists’ Round. Our expert panel of judges sure have their work cut out for them! Check back Friday to see our top 3 winners of stunning Greentea furniture as well as 10 voters chosen at random to receive a $100 Greentea Design Gift Card! Congrats to all who made it this far! And thanks to everyone for entering and voting.

Top 10 By Vote:

Love Green Tea Designs
original and gorgeous
perfect as a gift

Christmas is Coming
Santa will almost be here
Sadly not for all

Hot wasabi peas
I thought they were green jujubes
Oh! Disillusioned…

Leaves fall, trees follow
A shallow grave swallows death
New life takes a turn

Unique smooth designs
Imagination let loose
Beauty old and new

Longing to be loved
no selfish judgmental smiles
Don’t pretend be real

My Da speaks the past
Beside the beautiful trees
Leaves fall to the ground

barren ground retreats
while caribou stare into
the mouth of the storm

his rhythmic breathing
his warm body next to mine
Oh-it is my dog

Rise up from the fields,
Take your rightful place on earth…
I, vegetable

5 Staff picks in no particular order:

the clouds are frozen
needing the sigh of a friend
before they can move

Leaves fall from trees, yes
but when they fall from tables…
new furniture time

The disagreement
disappearing with the steam
rising from the cup

There’s a little fly
wandering around my screen
taking in the news

sumi-e mountains
a blackbird trying to fly
from the drying ink

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Contest Closes Today at 11:59pm (EST)

Enormous and excited thanks to all who entered – and voted – in our inaugural Haiku Contest! With over 500 entries Greentea Design staff have a fun but difficult task ahead choosing 5 staff picks to forward on to the Finalist Round. Congrats to those who secured their spot in the top 10 through popular vote!

Check back Monday for the full list of 15 Finalists!

Voters, remember you have a chance at winning too – a random draw will award 10 Greentea Design Gift Cards worth $100 each. These winners will be announced with our grand prize winners next Friday December 10, 2010.

Bonne chance!

The Design Tree Team

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The Great Design Tree Haiku Contest Launch!

In addition to our top three prizes, The Design Tree will also be giving away 12 (that’s right, twelve!) $200 Greentea Design gift cards to our top 12 finalists as well as 10 more $100 prizes for the contest’s voters.

Check out our gorgeous prizes below:

Maru Dining Table

Lattice TV Stand (sorry, TV not included ;-) )

Hibachi Coffee Table (again, champagne + flutes not included ;-) )

For the full contest rules, click here.

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$10,000 in Furniture to be Won !!!

Contest Teaser

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