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Summer Hats

Straw Bucket Hat- Ruche

Welcome summer, and welcome long summer days spent playing outdoors.  Of course, being outside isn’t as carefree as it used to be, what with all those pesky UV rays to contend with. To look stylish and keep the sun at bay here are some great sun hats for the whole family. There are so many different styles to choose from and ways to wear them.

Meidland Sunner- BHLDN

A hat with a nice wide brim is ideal for protecting your face and shoulders from the sun, as well as giving you an air of sophistication. There are so many ways you can wear a hat like this, with shorts and a tank for a casual outing, or all dressed up for a special occasion.

Hello Sunshine Hat- Kate Spade

Hello sunshine indeed. Kate Spade always manages to make accessories with just the right amount of quirk, and this fantastic sun hat is no exception.  It makes me smile just looking at it.  A straw hat is a summer go-to, perfectly paired with a flowery summer dress and sandals.

Saturn Sunhat- Anthropologie

Anthropologie has some amazing hats this season. They are never afraid to push the envelope, and they often include big impact clothing and accessories in their inventory. With a wide sculpted brim and softly curved shape this Raffia hat looks like it would be incredibly flattering.


Hari Mens Hat- Goorin Bros.

A man in a great hat immediately becomes more debonair and sexy.  This straw fedora from hat makers Goorin Bros. is hip but also classic. The Goorin Brothers have many different types of hats on their site, from ballcaps to panamas for men, women and kids.

Crushable Safari Hat- Christys Hats

There have been a few leading men who became known for their hats; Bogart’s fedora in Casablanca, Charlie Chaplin’s bowler,  and of course Harrison Ford’s safari hat that he wore in the Indiana Jones series. This safari hat is crushable, made of soft felt and virtually indestructible. I think Indy would approve.

Kids and Baby

Ada Ada Hat- Sweet William

Does your little boy or girl need a versatile hat for afternoons at the playground this summer?  This hat by Ada Ada is reversible and can be worn with the brim folded up or down. A mellow pattern and work-with-everything colour means they can wear it all season long.

Raygun Ballcap- Goorin Bros.

If your little tyke is planning on some post-playground alien fighting, then this is another great hat from Goorin Bros. Retro rayguns are cool no matter how old you are, and I guarantee this will be a hat your kiddo will consent to wearing.

Bird Sunhat- LuBeans

This sunhat for baby makes me think of the show Portlandia, and their skit “Put a Bird on It”.

Regardless of the awesome pop culture reference, it is one sweet little hat that your little one will look adorable in.

I don’t know about you but this post has me inspired to start building a hat collection. Who knew sun safety could be so fashionable?

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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Spotlight on Minä Perhonen

It’s Fashion Friday!

Minä Perhonen Tokyo Store

Last week, thanks to Seesaw Designs, I was introduced to the Japanese design label Minä Perhonen. Since then I’ve become obsessed with these beautiful clothes, textiles, accessories and even home furnishings. The Minä Perhonen label’s aesthetic is a blending of Japanese and Scandinavian design, two of my favourite design styles. Here are just a few of the beautiful things I found at their website and around the web.

a/w 2010/11 catalogue via jollygoo

t.t. garret


Minä Perhonen was created by designer Akira Minagawa and originated in Tokyo in 1995. Since then they have presented collections all over the world, becoming a highly sought after fashion label. Layering, quirky prints and soft hues are their signature design elements.

Paradis Bag at kuukukka

hairpin at couverture and the garb


The Minä Perhonen label has also designed a line of handbags and accessories that showcase their textiles and high-craft style perfectly. Their egg-shaped bags are beautiful and the leather and fabric hairpin above is equally stunning, and probably the only item in their line in my price range.


This label has even teamed up with Danish furniture designer Fritz Hansen to create a line of chairs upholstered in their amazing fabrics. Gorgeous print and modern design are married perfectly in the two chairs pictured above.

sunny rain a/w 2002

celebrate a/w 2011


Speaking of fabrics, the Minä Perhonen website has images of all their original textiles that feature loose, colourful, hand drawn and embroidered prints featuring Japanese and Scandinavian motifs. Textile design is one of those arts that is often overlooked, but there are so many artists and designers creating beautiful work in this medium. I’d love to see beautiful textile design like this get the attention it deserves.

Now I’m wishing my weekend included a trip to Tokyo so I could see all these lovely designs in person.  Hope your weekend is full of fun and beauty. See you on Monday!

All images from http://www.mina-perhonen.jp/ unless otherwise noted.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Wardrobe

Designer Liza Giles via Decor8

I have to admit I’ve been going a little spend crazy lately and shopping for way too many clothes. I was looking at my recent haul from my latest shop-fest and wondering how many of these items I’ll actually be wearing in a few months time, what I could have lived without, and what I already have in some other incarnation in my closet already. It occurred to me how wasteful I was being (to my wallet and to the planet) and I committed to thinking about my wardrobe a little differently from here on out.

The good thing is the web is populated by inspiring women who are far more resourceful than I could ever be, and they’ve helped me narrow down some guidelines for getting the most out of your clothes. I thought these tips might be helpful to some of you as well.

Coastal Living via house of turquoise

An Organized Closet

It all starts with a well organized closet. If you can’t see it then chances are when it comes time to get dressed in the morning you’re going to forget you even own it, and find yourself spouting the well worn cliche “I don’t have anything to wear”.  The closet pictured above is a great example of keeping all your clothes and accessories visible so you’ll always know what you have and where it is. Clear drawers mean that even t-shirts and sweaters can be seen at all times. For more great pointers check out the closet cleaning tips on Oh Happy Day.

photo by Kendi Everyday

Wardrobe Re-Mix

I became familiar with the concept of wardrobe re-mixing through the blog Kendi Everyday. The idea is simple (wear what you already have) but it has become a fashion movement. In order to participate all you have to do is experiment with pairing items of clothing together that you previously wouldn’t have considered, and using some accessories to turn disparate pieces into a cohesive outfit. If you’re handy with a sewing machine then you can also try refashioning new items out of outdated pieces. There are even flickr groups where you can upload pics of your creations. If you’re interested in taking a re-mix challenge you can try 30 for 30, which means 30 pieces of clothing for thirty days, guidelines can be foud here.

IOU Project

Buy Thoughtfully

Let’s face it, clothes don’t last forever and sometimes we need to replace what’s worn out. I know I am always tempted by a great sale and will sometimes buy things just because a deal is too good to pass up, but if I look at the clothes in my closet that I love and wear the most they tend to be pieces that are better made and of a higher quality. This doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune, just buying thoughtfully. Try hitting up a local designer’s trunk show, or a consignment shop if you’re shopping on a budget.  There are also numerous places online where you can find ethically made clothing that is better for the planet and beautifully made. A few of my current favourites are kowtow and the IOU project.

The Bride Wore Red – Global Wedding Fashions

Photograph by Nezzadar

Wedding season is officially upon us. So far I don’t have a single wedding invitation this summer and I’m kind of disappointed. I thoroughly enjoy weddings, and is it just me or have they gotten way better over the past few years. It seems every couple is trying to put there own unique spin on their special day, from DIY touches to elaborate destination weddings.

Over the next few weeks we here at the Design Tree will be bringing you a few wedding themed posts, sharing with you some truly extraordinary wedding decorating, design and diy ideas. To kick things off here’s a look at a few simply gorgeous wedding fashions.

Photograph by the wedding travellers

This photograph of Delhi bride Megha is beautiful, as is her gold and pink sari. Indian wedding traditions are so amazing. I love all the colour, the jewellery, the henna and of course the exquisite clothes.

dolce and gabbana via get glamourous

Dolce and Gabbana made this pop art inspired black and white wedding gown. I’m not sure if many brides want to compete with the iconic Marilyn Monroe on their wedding day, but this definitely is a show-stopper dress, that’s for sure.

Uno Kanda via weddinginspirasi

If you are a fan of traditional Japanese fashion I recommend having a peek at  Uno Kanda’s Scena D’uno collection, which includes this unbelievable pink, plum and gold kimono seen above, it’s pure opulence. To see more Japanese wedding fashions by Uno Kanda here’s a video from her 2010 runway show.

via Cultural China

Here’s another non-white dress made out of peacock feathers. Made out of 2009 peacock tail feather’s and jade, this dress took over two months to construct and costs 1.5 million dollars. That’s a lot of feathers, and one incredibly unique dress.

Associated Press via Fly Away Bride

In case you didn’t hear, two crazy kids in England got married last Friday, apparently it was a pretty big deal. Unless you’ve been in hiding for the past week chances are you’ve seen Kate Middleton’s dress about a million times already, but a stunner like this deserves another look. Sarah Burton, designing for the Alexander McQueen fashion house, really rose to the royal occasion. That dress is absolutely fit for a princess.

Stay tuned for more wedding awesomeness, next time we’ll take a look at some DIY decorating ideas.

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Rainy Day Style Finds

image via unebricoleuse

I recently picked up the first pair of rain boots I’ve owned since I was a kid, and I’ve come to the conclusion that rainy days are much more fun when you’re dressed for the weather. Luckily, dressing weather appropriate doesn’t mean you need to forgo being fashionable.  For the rainy days to come here is a collection of rain gear that will keep your style intact, even in a downpour.

This trench by Kate Spade, and a coat of red lipstick, is all you need to look chic when it’s gloomy outside. The black is classic and the contrasting buttons are a nice detail.  The styling of this outfit is adorable, as are those polk-a-dot tights.

Rainy day ballet flats j. crew

If rain boots aren’t really your thing then these waterproof ballet flats might be just what you are looking for. They may not be designed for jumping in puddles but they can serve the dual purpose of keeping your feet dry on the way to work while still looking cute when you get to the office.

Pagoda Umbrella at umbrellas.net

Umbrellas are often regarded as purely functional objects, but the parasol has long been a much loved fashion accessory. This red pagoda shaped umbrella is fabulous and will have you standing out on crowded streets.

Singing-In-The-Showers Slicker by anthropologie

This rain slicker from anthropologie is spring perfection. The black-check has a vintage feel and the anorak silhouette is fashion forward.

Loeffler Randall

Another alternative to the classic rain boot is this bootie by Loeffler Randall.  A mix of stylish bootie and rain boot, these will stand up to puddles and go with everything from skirts to jeans.

Davek umbrella

If you’re looking for an umbrella that is beautifully designed and will stand up to gale force winds Davek umbrella is the way to go. They come in a range of sizes from small enough to fit in your purse to an extra large golf size.


Love this rainy day lariat from jeweller epheriell. Made out of sterling silver with a chalcedony “rain drop” and umbrella charm this necklace is too pretty to save until the rain begins to fall.