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Feng Shui In The Kitchen

image via living etc.

Feng Shui is about paying attention to how objects, people and the world interact with one another, and striving to achieve balance in our surroundings so they can help us achieve our goals. Every room in your home can benefit from Feng Shui, especially the kitchen. Here are a few of the key principles for Feng Shui decorating and how they can be applied in the kitchen to attract health and prosperity.

image via red lotus letter


In no other room can the disruption of flow be felt as strongly as in the kitchen. In Feng Shui you should try to avoid putting fire and water too close to one another, so the sink should not be next to the stove. A wet island can be a good workaround for this rule. If you don’t have a kitchen remodel on the horizon, small changes like moving appliances and furniture can also be beneficial.

Colour and Light

Plenty of natural light is of course ideal, but even if you don’t have large windows or skylights light can be created using the right fixtures, and by reflecting existing light with brightly coloured walls. Choose a colour that also reflects what you want the room to accomplish; green for feasting, yellow for social gatherings, blue for eating less and weight-loss.

3 Drawer Kitchen Island by Greentea Design


The kitchen can be a room of chaos with frequent activity taking place and many people coming and going, but it can also be a place of tranquility. By keeping surfaces clean and clear and reducing clutter to a minimum a feeling of calm can be achieved. Knives are especially harmful to the Feng Shui of the room so make sure to store those out of sight, along with garbage, compost and reclycling receptacles.

image via planete deco


Rounded shapes such as pots and pans, round containers and plant pots can provide good feng shui in a room full of angular shaped appliances, cupboards and countertops. The kitchen table can also be round to offset the angularity in the rest of the room.

image via the selby

Add Life

A clean and clutter free kitchen can be uplifting, but don’t forget to add a few objects that please your senses as well.  A bowl of apples, an herb garden in the window, or hanging plants have positive life force energy that can be excellent for Feng Shui in the kitchen.

Here’s hoping your kitchen brings you health, prosperity and happiness.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Greentea Design On The Steven And Chris Show

What a way to kick off the New Year!  We are so excited to announce that Greentea Design will be featured on the popular lifestyle and design series The Steven and Chris Show!

7 Foot Red Asymmetrical Shelf

Today’s episode features Greentea pieces, like the Red Asymmetrical Shelf pictured, styled following Feng Shui principles that are believed to augment the good energy of your home. Red itself is auspicious, symbolizing happiness, and is a good colour to use for attracting fortune.

Greentea Design's Feng Shui Compass

Learn more as the talented Laura Morris shows you how to follow some simple guidelines.  The New Year is the perfect time to give our homes a facelift by simply shifting our current pieces, and if good fortune follows – what a great bonus!

Style and design gurus Steven and Chris have been making design accessible to a huge audience for twenty years now hosting several design shows to international acclaim, airing in over 80 countries.   Additionally they’ve published their book Designer Guys: Finding Your Personal Style and now have their own home décor line.  Their current popular series, syndicated across Canada and the US is a lifestyle show focusing on everything from interior design to entertaining and cooking.

Tune in today at 2pm on CBC in Canada and we will be sure to include video highlights soon!

Big Happy New Year to all from everyone here at Greentea Design and The Design Tree!  We hope 2012 will be truly magical for you.

Strange Finds: Feng Shui Compasses

antique compass for good chi

Antique feng shui compass made of bone

When I brought back my first feng shui compass, I noticed that my customers would invariably pick it up, turn it back and forth slowly, and look for which way was North (just as I had done, until the seller in Seoul laughed and took it back before explaining how it actually worked).

At first glance this disc is overwhelming due to the sheer mass of information on it – over 40 concentric circles of writing and detail. Called Lo-Pan in Chinese (Lo meaning “everything” and Pan meaning “bowl”) this instrument is used to define the Bagua of your home. Bagua – literally translated as “8 areas” – refers to the energy map of your home. Still following?

Chinese compass

The purpose of all this is simply to figure out where the energy flows, which areas have good or bad energy, and finally to fix the problem areas so yours is a happy home. Example: You take a reading of the East area of your home. The East is represented by the Element of Wood, the Colors Brown and Green, and the Life Area of Health & Family. The reading indicates that since you have a black metal door at your entrance, this is weakening energies needed to improve your health and family harmony. For this reason, people serious about the art often choose to get an analysis before their home or office is built (therefore avoiding “costly” mistakes).

Feng shui compass

Originally, compasses were actually made of Tiger bones and hand-painted. Thankfully, that practice is long gone and now they are mostly wooden. The bottom is often red, since red color symbolizes auspiciousness in Chinese culture.

Caution: Before you use this tool to access the mysteries of the universe, know that once you enter through the portal of enlightenment, you can never go back ;-)