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Photo Display Ideas

It’s How-To Wednesday!

Intentionally Off-Kilter Frames by Emmas Designblogg via ohdeedoh

Ever since switching to digital photography many of us just don’t have enough photographs on display. I’ve taken  oodles of pics of my son’s first two years, but less than a dozen of them have actually been printed, and finding places to frame and hang them can be tricky. That’s why I like these photo display ideas, they’re unconventional, stylish and a great incentive to turn those digital files into lasting works of art.

Ambrosia Girl

Mini Memories

Jennifer Kirk, of Ambrosia Girl has created probably my favourite craft tutorial all year, a set of mini Polaroid magnets that use your own photos. They don’t even look that difficult to make thanks to the way Jennifer has broken this project down into easy to follow steps. A set of these would also make a thoughtful gift that just about anyone would appreciate. Plus you get to feel like a giant when holding them.

via ohdeedoh

Clip It

You can find wooden clipboards at any office supply or dollar store and use them to hang 8×10 photos. The best thing about this approach is that it’s entirely non-committal. Just swap out photos whenever you feel like it. This display idea would also be a handy way to hang a child’s drawings or artwork.

via bhg.com

Under Glass

This is an easy display idea that takes only seconds to put together. Scour your house for interestingly shaped glasses, jars, vases etc; the only requirement is that they need to be see-through. Place trimmed or sized photos so they follow the curve of the container and voila, instant photo display. This project is especially suited for creating custom party decor.

via this is glamourous

Strength in Numbers

A large grouping of photographs can have amazing impact. The trick to pulling this off is to have a lot of photos (too few and it will end up looking cluttered) and to pay attention to colour and placement. Using unconventionally sized prints would also gives this photo grid a more interesting look.

Lori Andrews via Poppytalk

Blow It Up

Extra large prints have an instant gallery appeal to them. Large format printing isn’t cheap, but it can be the ultimate way to immortalize your all-time favourite photos. I love this family photo taken by Calgary photographer Lori Andrews, such a great image that works really well in this breakfast nook.

Hopefully some of these ideas will inspire you to show off your favourite photos.  Are there any tricks you have found for displaying photos in your house? How often do you swap out photos, all the time or almost never?

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How To Create an Art Gallery in Your Home

Pottery Barn via ohdeedoh

A personal art collection can be a great investment, but it also a fantastic way to surround yourself with images that inspire you. One of the perks of being married to an artist is I get lots of free art for my walls, but it can be tricky trying to figure out where to hang a new arrival. These folks have done a wonderful job of integrating art into the home. The staircase gallery above shows how grouping pictures in a variety of sizes can still be cohesive if you space them evenly apart.

Photo by Clare Elsaesser via Poppytalk Handmade

What I like about this example by Clare Elsaesser is how she has utilized an unconventional space for hanging artwork, showing that you can create a mini-gallery anywhere. Clare is an artist as well and you can check out her beautiful paintings on her etsy shop tastes orangey.

skonahem via Freshome

Simple black frames and a series of graphic prints and photographs really pop against a white wall. The safe thing would be to put one or two pictures in a smallish space like a dining room, but a grouping of work can have a much stronger impact.

via The Brick House

The mantelpiece has long been a preferred place to display art and cherished treasures, but this image illustrates how it can be done without looking cluttered. I like the interesting mix of sculpture, ceramics and framed art. A natural colour palette and an eye for proportion make this seemingly disparate grouping feel like they belong together.

via Made by Girl

Here’s another example of how to display a collection of art in different mediums without looking cluttered. Painting the back of a white bookcase a darker colour makes artwork really stand out. I’m always a fan of colour coded books, although my better-half insists it’s not a very helpful organizational system.

bo-bedre.no via emmas designblogg

Hope these tips will be helpful whether you’ve just begun building an art collection or you’ve been collecting for years. HGTV also has a wonderful tutorial on installing a museum calibre track-and-cable system that you can find here.

“It has been said that art is a tryst, for in the joy of it maker and beholder meet”
-Kojiro Tomita

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The Jist: Jill’s Top 5 Wallpaper Patterns

I’ve always loved wallpaper. It’s instant art on the wall that can transform a space that has no interest or character. There are so many styles, patterns and colorways available on the market today, that the possibilities are endless. Whether you choose to decorate only one wall or splurge for the entire room, here are some of my top picks.

1) Graham and Brown’s “Frame” Wallpaper – Who wouldn’t love this? It’s completely interactive for the kid at heart. You can draw, paint or even add your own pictures to complete this incredible user-friendly gallery. Great for kid’s rooms, playrooms, or even in the hallway to display sepia-tone or black and white family photographs.

2) Deborah Bowness’ “Books” or “Wallpaper Frocks”. It’s a toss up between the two. They are both hand printed by this designer and completely original. Perfect for a little nook or an awkward area that needs some personality.

Trom l'oeil bookshelf wallpapertromp l'oeil wallpaper - wardrobe tromp l'oeil wallpaper -- frocks on hangers

3) Cavern Home’s “Blackbird”- This is available in 5 different colorways, and would make a great whimsical addition to a residential or commercial space. I’m a sucker for prints featuring birds or trees, and I love the way this speaks to the Japanese sensibility of bringing the outdoors in.

4) de Gournay’s “Chinoiserie”. All hand painted masterpieces, these stunning prints could be put up in a windowless room, transforming the feeling to airy and bright. There are several patterns and colors to choose from, and could even buy a panel and frame it. Yes it’s birds and trees again. I told you I have a problem.

5) Sherwin Williams “Easy Change”. I love the lattice pattern (#SW8EG5315) from the Kathy Ireland Grand Estates easy change book in the Cream/Off White colorway. What’s great about this line is it is a temporary wall covering. For those of you that are renting or don’t want the commitment of wallpaper, it is easily removable. Now that’s brilliant.

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