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Greentea Design’s Headboard Ideas

close up of shelves as headboard

Coziness seems to be less of a problem for bedrooms, as the size of beds increases at the same time as bedroom size decreases.  But how do you keep things fresh, add a little bit of art and drama to tight spaces?  The answer: make your headboard the focal point of the bedroom.  I’m not particularly drawn to traditional headboards; I prefer the idea of creating a look that’s a little more unique, more visually interesting and adds some practicality to the space.  Whether you’re decorating a smaller space or just want to do something a little bit different, steal these ideas for headboard alternatives, all using pieces from Greentea Design’s line.

Bookcases and other shelving make a visually interesting choice in place of a traditional headboard.  These work particularly well in condos, where bedrooms tend to be smaller and storage space is always in demand.

Greentea Design's asymmetrical bookcases as headboardThis look with 2 black asymmetrical shelves is sleek and modern, while offering much needed extra storage.  This look would work perfectly in a condo.  Plus if you move or just feel like changing things up, these unique shelves will work in virtually any room in your home.  Bonus points if you use the stunning red asymmetrical shelves!

Greentea Design's large display shelf headboardThe black display shelf helps create a cozy, romantic yet strong bedroom look.  Like the shelves in the above bedroom, this headboard alternative offers practical storage that can be further dressed up with decorative storage boxes as well as your most prized collections.

Wall hangings, like the exquisite hand-painted crane screen make for an artistic headboard, without taking up any extra depth.  I love the rich soothing colours in the screen that are echoed in the warm woods of the furniture.

antique carved wooden doors as a headboardThese unique carved doors from China add architectural interest as well the warmth and rustic feel from the aged wood. And as with the shelves, these would also make wonderful room dividers and window treatments should you move to a new space or just want to change up the look in your current home.

What do you use for a headboard in your bedroom?  What’s your favourite look?  Let us know in the comments!

Going Rustic

Rustic Dining Bench from Greentea Design

Roughed up finishes, natural wood, and burnished metals are all the key elements of a rustic style, but even if your home is decidedly modern these pieces can be worked in seamlessly. Here are some room examples that show off the features of rustic modern design and how you can incorporate it in your home.

Image via Automatism


When trying to create a rustic modern feel in a room look for items that have lots of texture; roughed up finishes, leather, and bedding that is begging to be touched make this room rustic, simple, and inviting.

Image via Liz Marie

Kitchen via House and Home

Natural Light

Filling a room with lots of natural light is the best way to show off the beauty of unfinished wood furniture. This is why you will often see white paint on the walls and white accents in a rustic modern home. The light from a window reflects off every surface in this dining area and the choice of transparent chairs gives a feeling of openness.

Image via Home Bunch

Earthy Materials

In a rustic modern home you will often see plenty of natural materials like stone, wood and metals. In this bathroom, unfinished wood furniture and wood beams meet a divine modern tub and the resulting atmosphere is that of a calming spa-like retreat.

Image via Just the Design

A Sense of Timelessness

By paying attention to balance old and new can blend together seamlessly, creating a space that evokes a sense of timelessness.  In this room a contemporary sofa and layout is combined with eclectic textiles and an antique coffee table for a room that is as timeless as it is beautiful.

Console Table via Greentea Design

Now that you’ve seen some inspiration here is a peak at just a couple of the pieces in our new rustic collection. This console table is made of thick beams of salvaged wood; in an entryway, or in the living room, it adds rustic beauty to a space instantly.

Unfinished Buffet via Greentea Design

This unfinished buffet has tons of storage and a rustic design that will add texture to any room.

Come down to the showroom or visit us online to see more of the collection.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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Putting Your House in Order in 2013

Happy New Year!

To get an early start on my resolutions, I spent the last few days of 2012 tidying my apartment before school starts. As a reward for my hard work, I tuned into a marathon of House Hunters International. Having lived abroad, it always makes me laugh to watch North Americans bemoan the lack of storage in the typically smaller homes found in Asia other parts of the world.

But we can learn from these tiny spaces, especially as condo prices rise and square footage shrinks in cities like Toronto.  I love to tour model units for design inspiration but I always wonder if I could find room for all my stuff. After all, I have the luxury of splitting it between my permanent home and my apartment at school!

Image: mi casa via homedit

But I am trying to pare down in both locations. When we downsized from a spacious three-bedroom house to a cozy two-bedroom condo almost 10 years ago, I packed up several boxes that went straight to storage and were forgotten. When I opened them several years later, I couldn’t imagine why I had kept any of the items inside. One of my resolutions is to edit every few months.  For each Christmas present that I received, I am looking for something that I no longer use to donate, sell, or throw out depending on its condition.  I apply the same system for clothes that I don’t wear for an entire season.

Image: I love my apartment on tumblr

We have slowly replaced our hand-me-down furniture with new purchases and always try to pick pieces that have built-in storage, like our bed frame with large drawers or the chest that holds our board games and serves as our coffee table.

Image: Greentea Design via Facebook

Multi-functional furniture has been our godsend, allowing us to keep our open-plan first floor a lot less cluttered. I am coveting the wheeled bench in Greentea Design’s soon-to-be-released collection. I can see it in the front hall with a bin on each end for hats and gloves, or wheeled into the living room for extra seating at parties, or even an impromptu sideboard at holiday feasts.

Image: Wayfair

Perhaps the most important thing I have been doing over the last few months is spending a few minutes at the end of each day putting everything back in its place. Of course, that means that everything we own needs a place. Sometimes this takes a little creativity but the vast array of organizational products out there really helps to maximize nooks and crannies. I have a few seasonal knickknacks that I swap out from time to time but I try to keep this to a box or two.

Image: Dear College Student

There are still a few wayward items that I need to deal with but at least I feel like this might be one resolution that gets accomplished, at least until I have to consolidate my two homes!

In the Showroom With Greg: Inspired by Christmas

Greg Laciak is Greentea Design’s lead designer.  When Greg’s not helping clients plan their dream kitchen he’s often in the showroom giving it that quintessential Greentea vibe.  With an unmatched eye for what’s beautiful and how it all fits together, The Design Tree is delighted to have Greg as a guest contributor.  This month Greg explains his process as he designs the showroom for the holidays.

People often ask me where my design inspiration comes from. Typically I answer that inspiration can be found just about anywhere, you just have to keep an open mind.  Case in point my inspiration for this year’s Greentea Christmas look came from an ad for a bathtub of all things!  Here it is:

I loved the rich wall colour and the stark juxtaposition of black and white; and how the faucet and table seemed to sparkle in contrast.  Seeing this was my lightbulb moment: I knew  I had my theme of a black, white and gray Christmas with a silver overlay.  And with the growing popularity of both industrial and rustic furniture, I also knew I wanted to showcase Greentea’s take on this design style.

For Greentea’s display, I started by anchoring the look with a three glass bankers bookcases with the  rustic table placed in front.  Both bookcases and table were set with a collection of white servingware and festive touches of silver.  After taking a few customer requests to paint some of Greentea’s pieces white and loving this effect, I knew painted white benches would pull this look together.

A big Christmas tree fit in a black pot is elegant and simple dressed in white lights and a dusting of fluffy white “snow”.

For the entryway, I used a small black buffet decorated with a large bowl of silver baubles and topped with a rustic mirror.

Two new items to our furniture line include the rustic console and  bench with industrial wheels,I felt that the big red wheels added a playfull touch, much like the red firetruck you always hoped would be under the tree. The 2 shattered glass mirrors  look amazing painted white, and the white and black cow print rug pulled all the elements together. I added the small douglas fir tree in the black champagne bucket, the paperwhites in the shiny bowl and the white tray of silver baubles – the final nod to to the festive season.

A very dear friend of mine once said that a display must always have something whimsical in it. What could be more whimsical than a trail of Santa bells!

Wishing you all the most inspired, whimsical and magical holiday season!

Excellent Reasons to Sleep-in this Weekend

blue bedroomPhotograph by Kim Jeffery via House and Home

Sleeping-in is one of life’s little pleasures that can make your whole day better, unless of course it’s a work day and you’ve missed your alarm. As life gets busier late mornings spent in bed get harder to come by but this weekend I am giving you full license to get a little extra rest, and if you need some good excuses to do so here are some that will make you happy to spend the morning under the covers.

wool blanketWool Dot Throw from Lief

Reason #1 A Beautiful Throw for Your Bed

Help winterize your bedroom with this pretty wool throw from lief. The modern dot design is just right for throwing on the bed or over a chair. The pattern is reversible too, and this throw is made from one hundred percent soft merino wool.

PJs by J Crewpajamas from J.Crew

Reason #2 Cozy Pajamas

A new pair of cozy pajamas is reason enough to catch a few extra z’s. I may be alone here, but I think there is still a lot of sex appeal in flannel when the temperature dips below zero (though that may just be wishful thinking.) I’m also a believer in flannel for both men and women; everyone should be allowed to cozy up at this time of the year.

kiss goodnight pillow caseKiss Goodnight Pillowcase by ColetteBream

Reason #3 Extra Pillows

It’s my opinion that a bed can never have too many pillows. Heaping a bed with cushions and pillows in different prints and shapes is a designer trick that always makes a bed look more inviting. How do you like this sweet pillowcase that comes with a kiss goodnight?

wafflesWeekend Waffles from Herriott & Grace

Reason #4 Someone Else is Making Breakfast

One of the absolute best feelings is waking up well rested to the smell of a delicious breakfast. If I could put in a request it would be for these scrumptious looking waffles cooked up by Harriet and Grace. I just discovered their site and am now in love with their handmade wooden goods, like hand turned spoons and artisanal cutting boards.

Greentea Design Bedroom SuiteSummer Bedroom Suite from Greentea Design

Reason #5 New Bedroom Furniture

An absolutely excellent reason to take a little more time waking up in the morning is that you took advantage of Greentea Designs bedroom sale and you now have a newly decorated bedroom, perfect for sleeping and relaxing in.

cat bedReason # 6 You’re a Pampered Pet

Housecats know all about sleeping in, and they have no problem sleeping just about anywhere. For the very fortunate feline this lux cat bed will be the new favourite place for catnaps, and it’s a beautiful piece of furniture too.

Happy Friday and Sweet Dreams Everyone!