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Greentea Design’s Headboard Ideas

close up of shelves as headboard

Coziness seems to be less of a problem for bedrooms, as the size of beds increases at the same time as bedroom size decreases.  But how do you keep things fresh, add a little bit of art and drama to tight spaces?  The answer: make your headboard the focal point of the bedroom.  I’m not particularly drawn to traditional headboards; I prefer the idea of creating a look that’s a little more unique, more visually interesting and adds some practicality to the space.  Whether you’re decorating a smaller space or just want to do something a little bit different, steal these ideas for headboard alternatives, all using pieces from Greentea Design’s line.

Bookcases and other shelving make a visually interesting choice in place of a traditional headboard.  These work particularly well in condos, where bedrooms tend to be smaller and storage space is always in demand.

Greentea Design's asymmetrical bookcases as headboardThis look with 2 black asymmetrical shelves is sleek and modern, while offering much needed extra storage.  This look would work perfectly in a condo.  Plus if you move or just feel like changing things up, these unique shelves will work in virtually any room in your home.  Bonus points if you use the stunning red asymmetrical shelves!

Greentea Design's large display shelf headboardThe black display shelf helps create a cozy, romantic yet strong bedroom look.  Like the shelves in the above bedroom, this headboard alternative offers practical storage that can be further dressed up with decorative storage boxes as well as your most prized collections.

Wall hangings, like the exquisite hand-painted crane screen make for an artistic headboard, without taking up any extra depth.  I love the rich soothing colours in the screen that are echoed in the warm woods of the furniture.

antique carved wooden doors as a headboardThese unique carved doors from China add architectural interest as well the warmth and rustic feel from the aged wood. And as with the shelves, these would also make wonderful room dividers and window treatments should you move to a new space or just want to change up the look in your current home.

What do you use for a headboard in your bedroom?  What’s your favourite look?  Let us know in the comments!

Going Underground: Fabulous Basement Makeovers

image via bhg

One of the the most popular home renovation projects is finishing a basement The idea of gaining extra living space is certainly appealing and the the wealth of ideas when it comes to basements is never ending. It can also be one of the most expensive areas of your home to renovate and also the most complicated if you’re adding plumbing, electrical or waterproofing. For many the end result is well worth the effort. Here are a few basement makeovers that are truly inspirational. No gloomy dungeons or spiders here.

image via curbly

Using Space Creatively

As you’ll see, a re-finished basement doesn’t need to function as a typical rec room. This cozy bedroom retreat uses the space under the stairs beautifully. It’s warm, romantic and space efficient. What’s not to love?

image via beach house in the city

Creating Light

The number one issue most basements have is limited natural light. Putting in larger windows or installing new windows is expensive and complicated, but there are ways to maximize the light you do have without resorting to drastic measures. This beachy basement uses light colours and smartly placed recessed lighting to keep the room bright and airy feeling.

image via house and home

Rethinking Utility

I would have no problem spending all day doing laundry with a relaxing laundry room like this. The white cabinets and stainless steel make excellent use of the existing light creating an open and welcoming space.

Image via the brownstoner

I highly recommend checking out the before and after pics on this one, completely unrecognizable. These Brooklyn homeowners transformed their unfinished basement into gorgeous office space. Love the exposed brick and the light coloured plank flooring.

image via decor happy

I’ve seen my fair share of basement bathrooms that are downright terrifying. This basement bathroom is small in stature but quite glamorous. Adding a little bit of sparkle is a great way to brighten up a basement room, whether it’s by adding chrome, stainless steel or a mini-chandelier.

image via house to home

A basement kitchen can be handy to have if you plan on using your basement as a guest room or if you plan on doing lots of entertaining. The shiny surface of these cabinets and the white walls reflect light, and the layout allows for a functional island.

image via McBlog

The basement is also a great place to unleash your creativity and make it anything you want it to be. A basement slide for the kids into a colourful playroom is a surefire way to make the subterranean fun. In fact, I think every house could use a slide.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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Statement Floors

black slate via plastolux

Today on the blog we’re looking at some unique flooring options that really make a statement.

What’s beneath your feet can be just as important as what’s on your walls when it comes to making an impression. Miles above standard hardwood or laminate, these floors are show stoppers. Maybe these examples will even spark some ideas the next time you’re in renovation mode.

glass floorsglass floors via the fancy

Walking on Glass

Kind of like being at the top of a really tall building and looking down, or in a glass bottomed boat, the glass floors in this townhome are slightly unnerving but also exhilarating. They also complement this homes gorgeous architecture, don’t you think?

painted green flooringlime green floors via apartment therapy

Shock of Colour

There’s something about this look of bright floors with stark white walls that I really like. If you have hardwood that’s in less than perfect shape this is a great way to cover it up while making a real statement. Hot pink floor anyone?

traditional tile floor in an ultra modern kitchenkitchen tile via lark & linen


This kitchen tile is beautiful but I think what really makes it stand out is the more traditional pattern alongside a thoroughly modern kitchen. It goes to show that often the unexpected option can create the biggest impact.

herringbone floorsherringbone floors via the beautiful soup

Seeing a Pattern

These herringbone floors washed in natural light are just lovely. Laying regular hardwood floors can be a real pain, so I can only imagine how much effort went into this impeccable design. There is something about this room that is so peaceful.

painted pattern floorspainted floors via design inspiration

An Artistic Touch

I’ve seen so many inspiring examples of painted floors lately but I’m always curious just how long you can keep them looking nice. It sure is a great way to add some visual interest to a room though; the oversized pattern on this painted floor is just stunning.

wood grained porcelain floorswood grained porcelain floors via housing zone

Au Natural

Materials such as slate, wood and stone are great when you’re trying to achieve a zen bathroom. I love these porcelain tiles that are wood grained to mimic the look of hardwood while being practical in a bathroom.

Where would you rather make a statement in your home, on the floors, on the walls or through your furnishing choices?

Happy Friday Everyone!

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

The mercury dipped drastically last week, forcing me into a full-on retreat indoors.

Image: Shelter

I used to love skiing, skating, and other winter sports but as I get older and my bones get a little creakier, I find myself hibernating in the colder months.

Image: The Drake Hotel via Facebook

But I am intrigued by the recent trend of creating outdoor rooms to be used in the coldest of months. The Drake Hotel in Toronto has transformed their rooftop bar into a camp, complete with a fire pit, tented seating areas, and very necessary heat lamps.

Image: Back of House (Morgans Hotel Group)

The Hudson Hotel in New York City has gone a slightly cozier route by adding an indoor/outdoor ski lodge-themed bar. While it has a glass roof to keep guests warmer, fake snow falls periodically each night to keep guests in a wintery vibe. I’m headed to the Big Apple in February and if it’s still freezing, this place is definitely on my to-do list.

Image: Mountain Living

But until then, there are lots of little touches to give a home a wintery mix. I love this birch bark bed frame and think it would look awesome any time of the year.

Image: Curated

Several designers have been inspired by winter activities. This bench, designed by Damien Bihr for Helium Concept, was part of a children’s line but would also work well  in a foyer.

Image: Inhabitat

Swiss-born designer Adrian Rovero takes this concept one step further, repurposing actual ski gondolas into incredible rocking chairs as part of a project by Mountain Climbers, a group dedicated to benefiting charities through the sale of sustainably-designed items.

Image: Red via HandMaid Liset

As much as I like the idea of bringing the outdoors in this time of year, I also enjoy the idea of warming up my décor. What could be better than a cable-knit cover for a chair or couch? I could see myself curled up for hours in this.

Image: The Cavender Diary

And what warm-blooded Canadian doesn’t associate the iconic Hudson Bay blanket in these frosty months? The striped motif goes especially well with the Mid-Century Modern furniture displayed above but many variations, including cushions for the commitment-phobe, are possible.

No matter how much you love (or hate) this winter weather, there are lots of options for embracing the season in home furnishings! 

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Whimsical Walls

Prudence by Rachel J Powell

Are you thinking ahead to spring home renovations?  Has the winter weather made you sick of staring at the same boring walls? Slapping on a coat of paint can be a quick fix but there are so many amazing wallpapers and paint techniques out there that it is by no means the only option. Lets take a look at a few inspiring examples that are varied in both style and expense.

Mod Wall via curbly

An interesting architectural detail in a small space like a bathroom can make a room more interesting. I’m sure you’ve seen similar wall treatments but this wall was created for a measly six dollars by Jason Hammond. For more details on his process you can find them here.

Morning in Manhattan from familles summer belles

I could use a stroll in central park this morning, if only it wasn’t a country away. This charming wallpaper captures New York City beautifully.  The print also comes in yellow if blue isn’t your cup of tea.

Triangles Wall Decals by Simply Grove from urbanwalls

Wall decals are a go-to solution for people who rent, or who otherwise want to jazz up their walls without committing to paint or wallpaper. The only trouble is that many of the decals available look like big stickers, which isn’t particularly sophisticated. That’s why I like these simple triangle decals designed by simply grove. They’re graphic and modern and easy to apply.

Patterned Wall by patternedpaintroller

Paint or paper? The age old dilemma for home renovators everywhere. This is a great option for someone who wants the look of wallpaper but the affordability of a can of paint. You can get a paint roller with a repeating pattern carved into it.

ConcreteWall by Tom Haga

Looking to add some industrial cool to your home, but your ordinary dry-walled walls aren’t giving you much to work with? ConcreteWall by designer Tom Haga gives you that loft-like feel with incredibly detailed wallpaper. You can even get it tagged with graffiti.

Otomi by Emily Isabella from Hygge and West

Hygge and West is my favourite place to find unique wallpapers. They partner with a number of artists and designers like Lisa Congdon, Terrence Payne, Oh Joy! and Emily Isabella who designed the folksy woodcut inspired pattern pictured above.

letter by Jocelyn Warner

When it comes to wallpaper it’s all about matching the pattern with the right space. This typographic pattern would be too busy to cover a whole room, but in a small space or on an accent wall it would be very striking.

Hopefully you’ve been inspired to bring some life to your walls. Happy decorating, and happy Friday everyone!

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