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Excellent Reasons to Sleep-in this Weekend

blue bedroomPhotograph by Kim Jeffery via House and Home

Sleeping-in is one of life’s little pleasures that can make your whole day better, unless of course it’s a work day and you’ve missed your alarm. As life gets busier late mornings spent in bed get harder to come by but this weekend I am giving you full license to get a little extra rest, and if you need some good excuses to do so here are some that will make you happy to spend the morning under the covers.

wool blanketWool Dot Throw from Lief

Reason #1 A Beautiful Throw for Your Bed

Help winterize your bedroom with this pretty wool throw from lief. The modern dot design is just right for throwing on the bed or over a chair. The pattern is reversible too, and this throw is made from one hundred percent soft merino wool.

PJs by J Crewpajamas from J.Crew

Reason #2 Cozy Pajamas

A new pair of cozy pajamas is reason enough to catch a few extra z’s. I may be alone here, but I think there is still a lot of sex appeal in flannel when the temperature dips below zero (though that may just be wishful thinking.) I’m also a believer in flannel for both men and women; everyone should be allowed to cozy up at this time of the year.

kiss goodnight pillow caseKiss Goodnight Pillowcase by ColetteBream

Reason #3 Extra Pillows

It’s my opinion that a bed can never have too many pillows. Heaping a bed with cushions and pillows in different prints and shapes is a designer trick that always makes a bed look more inviting. How do you like this sweet pillowcase that comes with a kiss goodnight?

wafflesWeekend Waffles from Herriott & Grace

Reason #4 Someone Else is Making Breakfast

One of the absolute best feelings is waking up well rested to the smell of a delicious breakfast. If I could put in a request it would be for these scrumptious looking waffles cooked up by Harriet and Grace. I just discovered their site and am now in love with their handmade wooden goods, like hand turned spoons and artisanal cutting boards.

Greentea Design Bedroom SuiteSummer Bedroom Suite from Greentea Design

Reason #5 New Bedroom Furniture

An absolutely excellent reason to take a little more time waking up in the morning is that you took advantage of Greentea Designs bedroom sale and you now have a newly decorated bedroom, perfect for sleeping and relaxing in.

cat bedReason # 6 You’re a Pampered Pet

Housecats know all about sleeping in, and they have no problem sleeping just about anywhere. For the very fortunate feline this lux cat bed will be the new favourite place for catnaps, and it’s a beautiful piece of furniture too.

Happy Friday and Sweet Dreams Everyone!

Steampunk Design: Past, Present, Future Reimagined

Metropolis Interiors in Toronto's Junction neighbourhoodImage via Metropolis Interiors in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood

Steampunk, originally a literary subgenre of science fiction that reinvents the Victorian era, has recently gained traction as an aesthetic in interior design.  The interesting reimagining of 19th century machinery – and its components – into modern interiors makes a bold statement in the home, both as striking design but also from the commentary it offers about technology, history and the way forward.

Philippe Starck designs a restaurant in Madrid SpainInterior design by Philippe Starck for Ramses Restaurant in Madrid, Spain. Image via Eat Me Daily

For me the beauty of steampunk is its marriage of elements that seem oppositional: industrial elegance, the refinement of what’s raw. Steampunk design is influenced by the industrial era in Europe, and the beginning of the boom of automation and mass production, yet designs that fit within this category are handmade, one of a kind, avant garde.

wire hot air balloon planter by BHLDNImage via BHLDN

a kitchen inspired by steampunkImage via Visualize Us

Often characterized by baroque flamboyance and geometric motifs, steampunk looks range from gothic to quite playful.  If you’re looking to incorporate some steampunk in your interiors, here are some tips on what accents to look for:

  • Look for pieces from a bygone era, especially those made of metal, glass, leather, chain and raw woods.
  • Don’t be afraid to combine elements together, such as a raw hardwood tabletop with chunky metal legs and castors.
  • Bring new life to plants and your prized collection by displaying these in apothecary and specimen jars.
  • Create instant drama on your walls by displaying typographic signs, old maps, medical and scientific charts.
  • Re-imagine and repurpose items like gears, old camera and film equipment in new and exciting ways.

The Heart Machine by LaikinglandDesigned by Martin Smith, purchase through Laikingland

Or look for inspired pieces like this stunning little automaton called The Heart Machine by Martin Smith. What a wonderful gift this would make for the person who makes your heart go pitter-pat.

Images via Steampunk Home Decor

If DIY is more your style, here’s an interesting tutorial on creating steampunk inspired light switch plates.

From the shop Metropolis Interiors in TorontoImages via Metropolis Interiors

And if you’re in Toronto, the best place to go is Metropolis Interiors in the Junction.  There you’ll get lost in a dark other-wordly shop of beautiful oddities.  The owner-designer’s creations and relics are truly a sight to behold.

There’s something so damn cool about steampunk as a design aesthetic.  This is one design trend I am really looking forward to seeing more of.

Happy Monday everyone!

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The New Bohemian

I enjoy the minimalist aesthetic that has been hyped by style magazines and interior designers for the last few years. The combination of clean white walls, streamlined furniture, and strict editing of stuff in favour of uncluttered spaces seems to promise a calm and organized life, which is not exactly how I would describe my own existence.

Bohemian-inspired room

Image: homedit

My only problem with this type of décor, especially at this time of year, is that it can seem rather cold. For me, the idea of “cozy” is wrapped up in jewel tones, luxurious textiles, and plush furnishings. In the design world, this makes me a Bohemian.

Image: Elle Decor via Casa Sugar

The style was first adopted by Pre-Raphaelite artists in the mid-19th century and eventually spread into the mainstream. The term “Bohemian” was borrowed from the moniker for European gypsies, who were known for their eclectic tastes in both clothing and caravan decoration.

Image: Favim

The basis of the Bohemian style is a riot of colour and pattern (something that is also making a comeback in fashion). It borrows heavily from the Middle East, which is probably another reason why I love it; the dozens of rugs and tchotchkes that I brought back from my work in Tunisia blend beautifully in with the Bohemian sensibility.

Image: Rug Store on Pinterest

But for most people, the Bohemian style is just a little too much and, if not done right, one’s space can end up looking like something from an episode of Hoarders.

Image: Create H: Interior Design

Thankfully, it is possible to add Bohemian touches to your otherwise modern home. Roche Bobois in Paris has partnered to design the Mah Jong modular sofa which evokes the low cushioned seating of the East in a range of eye-catching prints.

Image: Design Scene

If being that close to the ground is a little too extreme, their Rythme option still lets you mix and match in a slightly more traditional furniture form.

Image: From the Right Bank

Image: Obaz

For smaller spaces, try one patterned piece of furniture like a chair or a sofa. If you change your mind later you can always have it reupholstered, so pick one that has a great shape and is really comfortable.

Image: Bohemian Vintage

If you are a commitment-phobe or money is tight, pick up a bunch of throw pillows to scatter around. A grouping like this works best if you pick either a colour-scheme or one type of pattern (like the mix of florals above).

Image: Marakesh by Design by Maryam Montague via Houzz

Or add some vibrantly coloured area rugs, embroidered tablecloths, or silk wall hangings. You can layer several on top of each other for an effect similar to that created by the throw pillows.

Image: Trendey

Go bold! Pick a deep, bold wall colour like aubergine, crimson, or Pantone’s pick for 2012: Tangerine Tango. You can do the whole room or just an accent wall.

Image: Room to Grow via Project Nursery

Perhaps the easiest way to get this look is to add a few accessories. Hanging lamps, some exotic prints on the walls, or a small grouping of artifacts will give your space a Bohemian boost.

Image: Inspire Bohemia

If you are ready to go a little new Bohemian, pick one or two of these ideas to warm up your home without getting too overwhelmed by this over-the-top style.

Layers upon Layers

Layering up in the homeimage via Justina Blakeney

It’s no secret that interior design and fashion are often engaged in a game of mimicry with each other, and when the seasons shift you can really see the interplay between the two design worlds. Just like in fashion, where layering textiles becomes synonymous with fall and winter, the same approach can be applied indoors to add warmth and style. Today’s post features some fabulous textile goods, many of which are created by hand, that will keep you and your home toasty and warm.

Starling CushionStarling cushion by Imogen Heath

Throw cushions in a mix of prints are an easy way to add comfort and interest to a sofa or chair. Love this one from Imogen Heath. Their fabric designs are always amazing, and you can purchase fabric as well as pre-constructed home goods from their site.

Souled ObjectsSouled Objects via pretty little green

Souled Objects by Dana Barnes Studios are not so much rugs as they are textile sculptures for your floors. Their process involves each rug being hand woven out of thick roving. The results mimic natural landscapes and they invite you to interact with them through touch.

Knitted Stool

Knitted Stool view 2knitted stool by Claire Anne OBrien

Claire Anne O’Brien’s chunky knit furniture pieces have made it onto our blog before; she really is an expert at creating soft, welcoming shapes in beautiful knit. This foot stool has an interesting basketweave design, and I love the warm yellow colour.

Mohair Blanked by ToastMohair blanket from Toast

Beds, sofas and chairs will instantly be cold weather ready with a luxurious mohair blanket draped upon them. This ombre dyed blanket from Toast is the perfect remedy to cold days and nights, and the neutral colours make it extremely versatile.

Linen and Felt Textile ArtLinen and Felt Textile Art by Castle

Castle’s embroidery art is so fun and crafty that I can’t help but smile whenever I see them.  These works featuring common sayings and pop song lyrics made from colourful childlike felt letters are in high demand, so it may be tough to get your hands on one, but they also sell prints if you don’t get a chance to buy an original.

Scarf by Pidge PidgeHandwoven Scarf by pidge pidge

There are some remarkable textile artists on etsy; I’m particularly smitten with the handwoven scarves by pidge pidge. They are all made by hand in Pennsylvania and each one takes about eight hours to complete and is a one of a kind. Definitely a great fall layering piece.

A-Frame DIY Tent via A Beautiful Messa-frame tent DIY from A Beautiful Mess

Lastly, if you want to create your own fabric nest for book reading and lounging A Beautiful Mess has a helpful tutorial for creating an a-frame fabric tent using vintage fabrics and inexpensive wood. Making one of these tents is high on my to-do list for my little guy, and I’m tempted to make an oversized one for myself too.

Hope you all have a cozy weekend!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Colour Trends For Fall

Colours for Fall from Pantoneimage via Pantone

For many, the coming of fall is a time of rejuvenation and renewal. If you’ve been putting off a big home makeover now might be the time to put those plans into action.  Pantone has just released its fall colour report for fall, and although there aren’t many surprises in the collection the colours look perfect for the season and will easily transition into home decor.  Here are a few of our favourite  colour trends and how to incorporate them into your home.

French Roast, Pantone 19-1012Pantone 19-1012

French Roast

A rich coffee brown that is warm and luxurious when paired with other deep colours. For a  more modern feel mix it with bright colours like fiery orange or white.

French Roast Dining Room via BHGimage via bhg

How to use it:

On the walls in the dining room, or in a hallway for a decadent atmosphere. The richness of this colour will be intensified under the right lights, so sconces and chandeliers with a warm glow are great options if you are planning on changing up your lighting.

Rose Smoke Pantone 14-1506Pantone 14-1506 TCX

Rose Smoke

Pink has been on trend for awhile now but the newest shade is a mere whisper of pink that borders on grey and beige. Feminine without being too girly, this colour can be used in a broad range of decor styles.

Rose Smoke accents in a living roomimage via apartment therapy

How to use it:

The bathroom and bedroom are the expected places to find this colour, but you can also try experimenting with it using textiles and accents throughout your home.

Bright Chartreuse Pantone 14-0445pantone 14-0445

Bright Chartreuse

A chartreuse that is almost electric is an exciting way to liven up a room. This is the colour to add if you want to update an existing space without spending too much time and money.

Bright Chartreuse Door via Elements of Stylevia elements of style

How to use it:

If you’re feeling bold you can use it as a paint colour in just about any room, but as a safer alternative it will be easy to incorporate via accents and textiles. This bright chartreuse door is a great example of how powerful this colour can be when used in the right way.

Olympian Blue Pantone 19-4056Pantone 19-4056

Olympian Blue

For those still suffering from Olympic withdrawal there is even a colour for you in the forecast; Olympian blue is sporty and fresh, not too dark and not too bright.

Olympian Blue bedroom accents via Lennoxximage via the Lennoxx

How to use it:

In the bedroom this easy to live with colour looks great mixed with different shades of blue, and paired with white to keep it from getting too dark or moody. I think this would also be a great colour for a bathroom or kids room.

Titanium, Pantone 17-4014Pantone 17-4014


Titanium is the perfect neutral to pair with any of Pantone’s fall colours. It’s a modern metallic that is a touch on the sombre side, so try punching it up with brights.

Titanium coloured wall and furniture via Desire to Inspireimage via desire to inspire

How to use it:

On living room walls, or in the bathroom combined with white cabinetry. Although this look might be a little too much grey for most people to live with I love the effect stylist Camilla Krishnaswamy has achieved by layering the shade in this room. So dramatic.

For more info on all of Pantone’s picks you can go here. I find the whole colour forecasting thing to be fascinating, and it’s always amazing to see how quickly these colour start popping up in magazines and stores.

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