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Lace: Defying Expectations

porcelain lace bowls by Hideminy

Lace has a reputation for being dainty and delicate; picture confectionairy wedding gowns, grandmotherly doilies and delicate shawls, but that’s not all lace is. Lace can be edgy, sophisticated, unexpected and sexy and here are a few examples showing it’s extraordinary versatility.

image from Living Etc. via lanalou style

This exquisite headboard was created by blowing up the intricacies of a segment of lace on canvas. The over-sized scale of the canvas headboard in this high contrast black and white room is phenomenal.

Philip Treacy shoes via lovestiletto

There is nothing demure about these black lace stilettos designed by superstar milliner Philip Treacy for Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Witchy and sexy with just the right amount of couture drama, these shoes are meant to be noticed.

Photograph by Emily Anderson found via lolalina

A black lace tablecloth could quickly send any room into Halloween territory, but in here it looks perfectly at home. I spot a Chinese lantern, contemporary furniture, baroque candelabra and rustic antlers along with the black lace tablecloth, and while none of these elements seem to belong with one another, in this airy dining room they work together beautifully.

lace bag by tortilla girl

Soft and sophisticated, I am seriously coveting this lace embellished bag by French Etsy shop tortilla girl. Ladylike, but not too much so, it also comes in a few other fabric choices. They also have some lovely knitted pieces in their shop, like hats and mohair scarves, that would be perfect for fall.

lace earrings by batsy

Want a pair of these modern lace earrings pictured above? No problem, you can make them yourself by following this simple tutorial by Petrina Burkhard. I only wish I had my ears pierced so I could make some for myself.

Doily Tree by Janet Morton via Pikaland

Finally, just to prove that lace can be unexpected, here’s a lace covered tree by textile artist Janet Morton. That is one decked out tree, and one dedicated stitcher. Wouldn’t it be amazing to walk through a whole forest of these lacy trees?