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Collectibles: All Together Now

There’s an art to displaying collectibles.  Here are a few visual examples and some tips and tricks!

Plate Collection via Apartment Therapy

I’m kind of anti-minimalist when it comes to my own home. There is nothing more cozy to me then a house chock-full of interesting things that convey the personalities of the people who live there. What better way to show who you are and what you love then to display your most cherished objects and collections. Here are a few collections and display ideas that have me inspired today.

Antique Mirror Collection via Apt #5G

There is something I usually find a little spooky about old mirrors, but this collection is so charming and perfect I’m not spooked at all. The way the mirrors reflect the nearby window is also a clever way of bringing more light into the room.

Kokeshi Doll display by Janis Nicoay via Poppytalk

How sweet is this collection of Handmade Kokeshi dolls in their own little fabric-lined boxes? This would be an easy and fun way to hang any small collectibles.

Dream Cloud of Vintage Silhouettes in the home of Emily Winfield

This collection of vintage and antique silhouettes in the home of Emily Winfield of Inside a Black Apple is unbelievably dreamy. I love this wall colour too, so relaxing and romantic in a bedroom.

Day 356- Lisa Congdon

If you don’t already have a collection to call your own, but would like to start one, you should  check out Lisa Congdon’s inspiring A Collection a Day. Every day for a year Lisa took a photograph of a different collection and her project has recently been turned into a book. I can’t get over this collection of old boxer photographs. So dapper.

I’m  sure we all have a few collections around the house that we don’t even know about. Why not come up with  a special way to show them off? It can be as simple as a shadowbox of old photos or a shelf dedicated to your favourite souvenirs or mementos.

Happy Collecting!

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Mirror, Mirror, Furniture!

Narciso by Caravaggio. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Mirrors are mysterious and paradoxical. Astronomers use them to see into the vast reaches of the galaxy; dentists, to explore the innermost recesses of people’s mouths. Magicians use them to create illusions, while most of us trust them to reflect truth. They figure prominently in science and superstition, in myth and reality.

We as visual beings are naturally drawn to bright and shiny things such as mirrors. And as self-aware creatures, what also holds our attention rapt and provides endless fascination is that mirrors have the ability to, well, mirror. We love the way they allow us to see ourselves. If it weren’t for mirrors, we’d probably be stuck in riverbanks and lakesides, mesmerized by our reflections, like the mythical Narcissus.

It is for all these same reasons that a lot of us like mirrored furniture. For some it may be that they are bright and shiny, and can imbue flash and polish to the prosaic. For others, it may be the convenience of being able to extend normal vision, or to surreptitiously preen. And for others still, it is just because they are beautiful.

Featured here are some pieces of spectacular mirrored furniture. Which do you think is the fairest of them all?

Venetian-inspired Romano mirrored side table from Homesdirect365.

Mirrored retro "tulip" table from Out There Interiors.

Antiqued mirrored coffee table from J. Covington Home

Not every surface needs to be mirrored, as this 3-drawer Sabrina chest demonstrates.Also from J. Covington Home.

Love how the mirrors take on the color of the surroundings! Five-drawer chest in beveled mirror and silver leaf finish from www.ivgstores.com

The bright sky blue wall and the bronze carpet makes this mirrored credenza look oh-so-contemporary. Image from katrya-kyla.blogspot.com

And who says mirrored furniture have to look Renaissance, Baroque, or retro? Mirrors have inspired a lot of contemporary furniture design too.

Mirror circle table from hirshfields.wordpress.com

3 mirrored cubes from Linthorpe Interiors

Gorgeous mirrored CD tower by Tonelli Design

A cubist's approach to storage. Love the gold color too! Psiche sideboard also from Tonelli Designs.

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