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Ikebana for Mother’s Day

Ikebana arrangement by Katsuko ThielkeKatsuko Thielke via ikebana.org

Flowers are a staple of Mother’s Day, but before you stop by the florist for a bouquet consider giving her a true work of floral art with an ikebana arrangement. For those who don’t know, ikebana is a specific type of Japanese floral arranging that aims to bring humanity and nature together. Ikebana is an art form that is exceptionally powerful because of its impermanence.

Ikebana arrangement via Nori Nodaimage via Nori Noda

Biku Designs Ikebana arrangementimage via biku designs

Another idea would be to get together with mom so you can both try your hand at Ikebana inspired floral arrangements. Gather the materials beforehand, purchase some wonderful teas and spend the afternoon centreing yourselves while creating flower arrangements.

Ikebana arrangement via Coated Arms

image via coated arms

It takes years to learn and master the art of ikebana but here are a few of the basic principles and materials you will need to get started.

A few popular styles of ikebana are:

Rikka- meaning standing flowers.

Nagiere- a non structured design the often features a tight bundle of stems and an asymmetrical triangular shape.

Seika- where three main branches represent ‘ten’ heaven, ‘chi’ earth and ‘jin’ human.

Jiyuka- a free form design that often utilizes materials other than flowers.

This website gives a good overview of the various styles with pictorial examples.

Japanese Flower Vase for Ikebana ArrangementsJapanese Flower Vase from Doug Smith Pottery


Container- the container you choose should be cohesive with the type of arrangement you’re trying to create. Don’t be afraid to use an unconventional object as a vase.

Kenzan- also know as a ‘floral frog’, is a small disk with pins protruding from it that sits at the bottom of your container. It will hold the stems or branches in place which will help you achieve your desired shape for the arrangement.

Flowers, Grasses, Vines and Branches- Really any kind of plant life can be used, but some popular choices are orchids, long grasses, cherry blossoms and branches of Japanese Maple.

Small Garden Shears- a pair of small pointed garden shears will be helpful for trimming and cutting plants.

Ikebana arrangement by Junkoikebana by junko

When you’re finished creating your masterpieces mom and you can exchange them so you each have a memento of the day.

Happy Friday everyone and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there!

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Home Sweet Home

A pretty papercut card for Mother's DayPapercut Mother’s Day Card by Ashley Pahl

Mother’s Day is less than a month away. Have you figured out what you’re getting your mom? If you haven’t there is no need to panic. I’ve rounded up a few ideas for design conscious mothers who wants to bring a little beauty into their homes. Skip the bubble bath and flowers and give her something that will show how amazing and stylish you think she is.

Penguin Book Deck ChairPenguin Books Deck Chair via art meets matter

For the literary mama who likes nothing more than relaxing outside with a good book one of these deckchairs printed with classic Penguin Book covers will be a welcome surprise. Made in England, these elegantly crafted chairs are perfect for the patio or deck.

Melona glass topper for your houseplantsMelona Glass Plant Topper via Design Sponge

This geodesic plant topper from Melona Glass is like jewellery for house plants. Designed to capture and reflect sunlight, this topper will be good for her plants while adding some sparkle to her home.

Merchant #4 Three Tier Cake StandThree Tier Cake Stand from Merchant No.4

Is the mom on your list a baker with a love of minimalist design? Then give her this three tiered wooden cake stand. When it’s not being used to serve appetizers or desserts it will look beautiful in her kitchen.

Treehouse fabric bucketTreehouse Fabric Bucket by Jenna Rose

Jenna Rose’s printmaking completely inspires me, as do the beautiful housewares she constructs from her hand-printed textiles. Whether the lucky mom who receives this needs somewhere to store her knitting, her magazines or anything else, a beautiful fabric bucket will be much appreciated.

Ceramic hanging pendant lamphanging lamp by Farrah Sit

How about this gorgeous hanging lamp from Brooklyn ceramics artist Farrah Sit? The porcelain casts a warm glow perfect for a bedroom, or anywhere that needs a little bit of illumination. You can also customize your light by adding or subtracting bulbs.

DIY Painted Wooden SpoonsPainted Spoons Tutorial via House of Earnest

DIY Painted Spoons

Of course I need to add at least one DIY idea; it’s my secret mission to turn everyone into a crafty dynamo. In all seriousness, even if you’re not the least bit craft-inclined this painted wooden spoon tutorial will be a cinch to pull off, and what a gorgeous gift for a mom who likes to bake or cook. You can find the directions here.

If you’re planning on purchasing a gift online for Mother’s Day I’d recommend doing it as soon as possible to ensure that it will ship in time for the big day. I know many online shops will offer expedited shipping prices but it’s always best not to leave it till the last minute.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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Mother’s Day Gifts as Unique as She

valuable mom letterpress bill  by afavorite on Etsy

I know you’re the type of person who lets your mom know how much you appreciate her every day of the year, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something a little extra special for her on Mother’s Day. Now, the best gifts always take into account the interests and tastes of the recipient.  If I look at all the mom’s I know I can see how fascinating, stylish,intelligent, talented, fun and ultimately individual they all are. That’s why I’m recommending you ditch the bath salts and the flowers and try to think up a gift that speaks to who the mom in your life is when she’s not on mom duty. Here are a few ideas just to get you started.

My Mom’s a Film Buff…what should I get her?

How about a set of famous film director wall-hangings or coasters from Retrowhale? The Coen Brothers, Woody Allen, Martin Scorcese and all the big guys are represented so you can pick out your mom’s top four favourites. This gift would be a perfect compliment to her Criterion collection of Blu-rays.

My Mom’s a Rock Star… or she just wishes she was

Kim Gordon bassist and front woman of Sonic Youth probably holds the title of “coolest mom in the world.” At almost sixty years old is still  rocking out on stage and releasing albums. If you think you’re mom has the makings of rock royalty why not spring for guitar lessons. Bonus points if you get her a vintage Les Paul as well.

My Mom’s Got Great Taste

Nothing would be more perfect for Mother’s Day than this summery yellow dress from online shop-du-jour Filly. Made from buttercup-coloured cotton viole, this dress is classic while still being modern. If I could have this pretty frock hanging in my closet I would be one happy mommy indeed.

My Mom’s got a Sense of Humour

Welcome to Hicksville Trailer Palace and Artist Retreat in Joshua Tree, California. Part trailer park, part hipster resort, at Hicksville you can rent one of nine theme decorated trailers. If your mom’s idea of a perfect getaway is sipping Pabst Blue Ribbon by the side of a pool or wielding firearms at the BB-gun range, then this may be the perfect mother’s day getaway for her.

My Mom’s a Traditionalist

Love & Victory makes beautiful custom charms that would be stellar gifts for a new mom or a mom with small kids. How it works is you send them a picture of your loved one and they create a one-of-a-kind silhouette that you can hang from a necklace or charm bracelet. Beautiful, classic and personal, this jewellery makes for a wonderful keepsake, and a loving reminder of why she doesn’t get enough sleep anymore.