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Decorating for Your Outdoor Parties

Image via jackandjillwedding.com

Oh the sun is shining (at least in theory, rain), the weather is warmer, and finally the days are longer!  Spring is here and summer is on its way.  Especially if you live in an area with a winter – and wasn’t this a really, really long one? – it’s only right to want to break out of the house and get together with all those friends who’ve been in hibernation.

And there’s something especially nice about throwing together a little get-together outdoors.  Whether it’s your garden, patio, or a nearby park al fresco dining is the cool and casual thing to do.  Here are a few outdoor decorating ideas that will add extra pizzazz to that weekend BBQ, the post-work patio unwind (invite the neighbours, invite the wine), or a refined garden party.


Image via paperlanternlane.blogspot.com

As dusk sets in softly glowing lanterns lend much needed light to keep the party going, but also help create an intimate and beautiful setting.  Paper lanterns are inexpensive and can be purchased from craft stores, your urban centre’s local Chinatown gift shop, or online. These can be strung with LED lights which cut down on the risk of a firery disaster.  Grouping them in various sizes and shapes in a uniform colour as pictured at the top adds loads of impact.  Using colourful versions like the pink and tangerine example above, adds pretty pops of colour while the sun is still shining.

Image via cloudyandrainingsunshine.blogspot.com

Of course you can also use candles in the plethora of pretty glass and metal lanterns on the market or fashion your own out of old mason jars.  What can’t mason jars be used for?

Fabric Canopy

Image via This Old House

Now here’s an idea to steal.  Using fabric, bamboo poles and twine create a canopy to dine or recline under.  A fabric canopy can add sophistication as above or whimsy as below.  And of course offers an extra layer of sun protection.

What a perfect little retreat.  Image via House to Home.  I’d be happy to stay all day…

Mini Posies in Mason Jars

So simple to do and money saving too.  Scattering a few mason jars filled with mini posies across the table are perfect for an outdoor setting.   The low height won’t interfere with conversation lines; and weighting your jars with a few pebbles will also help ensure they’re not blown over by a strong breeze.  These mini arrangements are also an inexpensive way to add lots of blossom to your celebration.  You’ll be amazed at how far a couple bunches of flowers will go!  When the party’s over, just scatter the vases throughout your home to bring the outdoors in.

Image via the Bliss Blog

Pretty Patio Chairs

Part of my internet wander includes a regular swoon on Anthropologie’s site.  And these patio chairs are just perfect.  They’d look wonderful on my back deck.  Sadly they don’t ship to Canada (among other stumbling blocks).  But if you’re Stateside and looking for something a little unusual, space saving, and very pretty, these might be for you!  I’m sure your guests will ooh and ahh.  I know I would.

Enjoy your outdoor space everyone!  Happy entertaining!