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Giving Thanks for Design

Image by flickr user asterix611

It’s Thanksgiving day in the United States today! While I believe that we should be thankful everyday, I do enjoy the holiday and appreciate having a few days to wind down and celebrate family, friends, and togetherness.

Paitnin by Norman Rockwell. Image from Flickr user the.blackswan

Thanksgiving is a quintessential American holiday, and its traditions have its origins in the colonial history of the country. The traditional meal was originally celebrated by the English settlers in a gesture of friendship and thanks to the Native Americans who introduced them to native game and crops.

Image from Flickr user silvaazniv

I was originally going to write something about cool turkey motifs, but decided to take a different route this week, doing a more personal post. In line with the sentiment of the holiday, I thought I’d take time to think about some things that have influenced my experience and appreciation of art and design, and how they impact my life.

Museums and Exhibitions

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Image from Flickr user wallyg

Museums and more broadly, exhibitions, have probably influenced my perception of the arts the most. Museums were the first arena in which I could fully become a spectator of the art world. As I became more engrossed in them, museums also opened another door for me – that led to the exciting world of architectural storytelling. I’m very thankful to be a part of such an exciting field. Museums were certainly the portal through which I discovered it, and they continue to be a source of inspiration and creative energy.

Image from Flickr User mowestein

Design Books

Books designed by design company Paprika in Montreal. Image by Flickr user Lucas Hantz

E-books might be on the rise now, but nothing beats a well-designed book that looks as good as its content might be. To me design books are the quintessential hand-held representation of this harmonious conglomeration of design and content. When a book is just as pleasing to look at as its content is interesting, you’ll refer to it over and over again.

Also by gi-man77

To me they are like mini-exhibitions, showing the best design with and within their pages. I’m thankful that books are still a significant influence even in our technology-ridden lives. And you won’t need to turn them off if you take them on a plane!
Social Media
Giving Thanks

While I do love my design books, I am also as much a child of technology. Social media has been an integral part of my life since the term became acceptable, and it is one of my primary sources of news and information. Thanks to social media, I can follow news organizations that report stories I find relevant, have access to archives of inspiring material and work, and see what is happening in the design world in real time. I am thankful to have the resources to be able to fully participate in the constant dialogue happening in the design world.

Most of all, I’m thankful I get to do something I love every day, and for being part of a wonderful, creative community, like here at The Design Tree!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Escape to the Farm

a horsey swing

riding a horse swing

While we live in a wonderful community, it’s very urban with the ability to walk to pretty much every conceivable amenity and 24 hour public transit at our door should we feel like drifting further afield.  It’s bustling and vibrant and loud and bright, sometimes a little too much so.

Chudleighs apple farm kids barn

a little red barn in a children's sand pit

So it’s nice sometimes to escape to quieter surroundings, where life slows down a little, or at least abides by more natural cues, like sunlight and circadian rhythms.   And there’s no better time of year than now, during mother nature’s greatest production to find yourself in the country:  the stunning colours of leaves in transition, the golden hue of autumnal light, the bountiful harvest.

say cheese goat

Tim asked the goat to smile, so he did

piglets nursing

our little guy laughed and laughed at the piglets snorting while enjoying "boobies"

On Thursday, we packed up the family and drove to the country.  If you’re a born and raised urban dweller like me, I can’t recommend this escape more highly.  If there are little ones around, this will be a most memorable daytrip.  With our little guy, lessons about food supply and environmental care were part of the day’s conversation, addressed ever so naturally between squeals of delight as he frolicked with the friendliest farm animals, in the apple orchard and pumpkin patch and through the playground of hay bales.  It was an idyllic day.

hay play!

hay play!

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and truly there was no better way to give gratitude for the harvest, to mother nature, than immersing ourselves in the very fields in which it grows.  We were left with a feeling of peace, joy and warmth, a perfect way to kick off a long weekend about thankfulness.  The annual trip to the farm has quickly become one of our favourite family traditions.

tractor and pumpkins

pumpkins for jacko-lanterns and pe

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canadians! And Happy Monday everyone else.

All photos by Tim.

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