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mt Factory Tour

mt factory tour busFactory Tour Bus via short, small & sweet

The popularity of washi tape has exploded in Asia but also in other parts of the world, so much so that it has even inspired a line of t-shirts created by popular Japanese brand Uniqlo. To show their appreciation to the lovers of washi tape mt tape recently hosted a factory tour in Kamashi, complete with a washi decorated tour bus and special art exhibitions. I wish I could have been there, but luckily a few photos of the event have made their way online.

washi enhanced mini carMini image via short small sweet

There were a number of installation pieces created for the tour including this sweet washi-enhanced mini. I love how cheerful stripes of washi tape can make any object cooler (even one that was pretty cool to begin with.) I would be seriously thrilled to drive in any car that looked as good as this one.

Asai Yusuke's installation pieceAsai Yusuke Washi installation image via short small sweet

Asai Yusuke’s washi tape installation was the largest exhibit. Her art reminds me of chalk drawings, and I love how they make this otherwise drab factory look so whimsical. There was also a section where people could add to the design.

Washi tape miniature houseimage via Poppytalk

They also set up a number of miniature house sculptures to show how washi tape can be used to decorate your home.  The pint-size scale of these sculptures make them so inviting; I can’t help thinking what a fabulous playhouse this would make.

limited edition washi tapeLimited edition washi tape via Polkaros

A pop-up shop was also set up so visitors could get their hands on limited edition tape rolls, stickers and other goodies. I am particularly fond of the two patterns above.

new series of mt washi tapesmt Casa image via Walk:

Here’s a photo featuring their new series of washi tapes mt Casa which come in extra large sizes and new prints.  I love the striped washi tape effect on furnishings; it instantly makes an ordinary piece of furniture look like a designer piece.

new small, medium and large washi tapes

image via washimatta

This is the new collection of large and medium sized tapes and stickers. This tour made me want to try creating a washi tape design in our master bedroom, but it’s going to be tough to pick a favourite pattern.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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