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5 Things to Make with Washi Tape

Washi Tape Gift Wrapping via hello sandwich

I am a sucker for pretty craft supplies, and I often buy things just because I like the way they look, even though I don’t have the slightest clue what I’m going to make with them. Here’s my new obsession, it’s called washi tape.  A few months ago Nathalie wrote a fantastic piece on washi paper that you can find here. Washi tape is basically fancy japanese masking tape made from washi paper.  The tape comes in a million colours and patterns, and can be used to adorn anything including: cards, vases, notebooks, gifts and anything else you can think of.

Washi tape  is extremely addictive however, so consider yourself forewarned.

Fridge Magnets  via atypicaltypea

Magnets are always handy to have around, and Alicia Parsons has a wonderful tutorial on making your own fridge magnets using clothespins and patterned washi tape. You could make a set of these to suit any season, and they would require little to no crafting mojo to pull off.

to be charmed via hostess blog

Spring and Summer entertaining is all about keeping things simple, and what could be simpler than this quick craft idea by to be charmed. Using store bought vases she has strategically added washi tape for a touch of colour. This would be a great project to tackle if you’re planning a party, wedding or shower. One of the beautiful things about washi tape is that it also comes off easily so you don’t need to worry about ruining any surfaces you apply it to.

Mini Bunting by the red thread via we love pandas

The Red Thread created fun mini bunting out of washi tape, which would be lovely for decorating a cake or hanging on a wall. I love how customizable this craft is, you could just do a couple of colours or many different patterns and colours, whatever suits your fancy.

Gift Tags by Martha Stewart

Plain gift tags can be transformed into something special just by applying a few strips of tape.  If you typically buy fancy tags for decorating gifts this is an easy idea that could save you a bundle. You could even try making a custom stationary set for a last minute gift by making a few of these tags, wrapping washi tape on a pen or pencil and creating a matching design on the cover of  a notebook.

image via Omiyage

If you’re interested in trying any of these projects yourself there are a number of places online where you can purchase washi tape. Omiyage carries a good selection of tapes and there are many shops on Etsy where you can purchase washi tape from too.  Have fun!

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Washi: Paper Perfection

The world has tons and tons of paper that are force fed daily into printers, faxes, and copy machines, cash registers and ATMs, so these machines can spit them out in a constant stream. We send them flying, they come to us in stacks of mail, we stare at them in bulletin boards. We buy them in reams and rolls, we write notes, read them, discard them, without giving their genesis a second thought. We see the pictures and the letters but we never see the paper.

Paper has become so much a part of our daily drudgery that we have taken it for granted. Paper-making for the most part is an industry  that mass-produces the glut using big machines, and even bigger technology.

But there are parts of the world where paper is not an industry but a craft, an art; not manufactured by machinery, but created by hand, using techniques learned by tradition that is passed down by families through the generations. Certain districts in Japan, like Mino, Echizen, and Tosa, are such places. Japan after all has been a center of paper-making since the 8th century, and the same methods and techniques used back then are still used now.

Although the term washi literally means “Japanese paper”, it has come to refer specifically to paper made the traditional way. Washi have a wonderful translucence and lightness, and gorgeous textures from the plant fibers used in it. You’ve got to hand it to tradition for creating objects of such great beauty, delicacy, and strength. If it can make paper this awesome, why mess with perfection?

Image from anjamarais.wordpress.com

Image from ritournelleblog.wordpress.com

If want to know more about Japanese paper-making, visit the Washi page at infomapjapan.com.

Here are some awe-inspiring applications for washi.

Origami! Of course! Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Washi ningyo, "paper doll". Image from creativedoll.blogspot.com.

Washi is used in lamps and lanterns. This one is made from specially made seamless washi. Image from ubushina.com

Washi parasol. From new.uniquejapan.com

Beautiful work by Muraki Chisato on washi, depicting sakura blossoms. There are naturally occurring "holes" in the paper, which from a distance look like petals drifting down from the branches.

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