Grand Entrance

This collection of entryways full of personality are from Shropshire county in the west midlands of England. I adore colourful doors and those made from reclaimed wood.  They really tell a story about what lies behind the portal.

Doors are kinda like thresholds to new worlds. I always wonder about the lives lived behind a home’s doors, so why not really pique interest and up the curb appeal by creating an entryway as grand as you are?

Here are some examples of grand entrances through history and across the world as well as a few contemporary designers who are reenvisioning the face of our homes.

These doors in Timm Suess’ photo is of a partially abandoned mansion in Calcutta, India and is a beautiful and haunting sight.  The rich patina, beautiful green and derelict status make me wonder about what lives are like behind these doors today and  throughout history.   For more incredible photography from travels around the globe, check out Timm’s Flickr stream.

Blog, Honestly… WTF, posted these stunning entryways from Morroco and Mexico respectively.  The stunning colours, detailed carvings, and door shapes reference their lively cultures.

These delightfully quirky entryways make the perfect pair.  I love the use of frosted glass on the left and the unique shape on the right just makes me smile.  She reminds me of Miss Clavel in the Madeline books.  Photo via Photobucket.

This stunning door to architect Arim Blasbichler’s home in Italy is so playful.  Photograph by Ingrid Heiss, via Design Sponge.  Visit their site for the most amazing house tour.

The two doors above are by artist and furniture designer Victor Klassen who we showcased a few weeks ago.  The way he shapes wood, bending and molding it like clay, is something only a master woodworker can do.  Klassen’s designs show a deep reverence toward nature and his doors are among my favourite pieces.  Daring as these designs are, the company invites you to send them a photograph of your entryway and they will digitally include a door from their collection in your photo so you can see just how striking these designs would be for your own home.  Oh technology!

Sans Soucie Art Glass Studios in Palm Desert California craft amazing etched glass doors that pack incredible punch. I love glass doors for the natural light they include, bringing just the right amount of the outside in.  And it’s amazing what Sans Soucie can do with glass, creating the most artistic etchings, patterns and 3D treatments.

These certainly beat fibreglass versions available at Home Depot.  I know these have inspired me to think outside the box when it’s time to update the exterior of my home.

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