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Lake Huron Floating Home via dwell

I always admire people who come up with unconventional places to live:  treehouses, minihomes, and converted shipping containers are great examples of this.  Literally living on the water in a houseboat however is a unique housing option; it is also quite romantic for those with a love of the aquatic. The houseboat, or “floating home” as some people prefer to call it, can mean different things to different people. Let’s take a look at a few houseboats that are drastically different in style and size.

Sweetpea by Mike Auderer found via Apartment Therapy

The Sweetpea floating home is an affordable and green house with ample character. This tiny and efficient home was built by Mike Auderer of Olympia Construction. At a mere 550 square feet it’s beautifully designed inside and out to take advantage of the harbour surroundings.

Sweetpea by Mike  Auderer found via Apartment Therapy

The interior of the Sweetpea is small but comfortable, feeling more like an urban apartment than the interior of a ship. To get a home like this you would only need to pay a reasonable $150,000 american. For more info on the construction and specs of the Sweetpea head here.

Josie Curren Houseboat image via Bright Bazaar

British author Josie Curren’s bright and colourful houseboat is bursting with style and beauty. Nothing about the interior of this house would clue you into the fact that you’re on a boat, until you look out the window.

Houseboat via Design Sponge

Feminine colours and vintage style furnishings, combined with occasional nautical touches, make this home playful and thoroughly original. What I love about Curren’s home is that there are so many details that feel personal and that reflect the personalities of the people who live there.

Lake Union Floating Home via Freshome

This Seattle home is a contemporary architecture lover’s dream. Gorgeous views on all sides and stunning details on both the interior and exterior make this home all luxury. This home was created by architects  Vandeventer + Carlander Architects.

Floating Home via Freshome

The interior takes advantage of the abundance of natural light using light-toned wood and large windows. The inside and outside blend seamlessly into one another with sliding doors that allow you to step out onto a waterside patio perfect for a morning coffee or evening cocktails.

Stockholm Floating Home via a simple life afloat

In European locations like Stockholm and Amsterdam floating homes and houseboats are not at all uncommon. It makes sense when you are dealing with densely populated cities where traditional real estate options are limited. This Stockholm houseboat looks like an unassuming tugboat on the outside, but inside it’s an elegant residence with natural wood, clean white surfaces and sailor chic touches like portholes and a captain’s prow, complete with ship’s steering wheel, paying homage to the home’s history.

Stockholm Floating Home via a simple life afloat

The master bedroom features benches that utilize the ship’s natural curves, and the soft palette of dark wood, creams and blue are relaxing and nautical without being overly literal. You can find more pictures of this seaworthy home here.

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