Vintage Suitcase Ideas

image via cupcakes and cashmere

Of my many mini-collections my vintage suitcases are some of my most treasured possessions. Vintage suitcases, trunks and attache cases are appealing for a number of reasons; they provide decorative storage spaces where you can keep your other mini-collections, by stacking two or more together you can create instant furniture, and they also offer a great deal of nostalgic appeal. At the busiest travel time of the year many of us are thinking about packing a suitcase or two and hitting the road, but today I thought we could take a look at a few ideas for using suitcases around the home.

Trunk Bar via Apartment Therapy

You’ve probably spotted one of these over-sized trunks at garage sales and flea markets and wondered what to do with them. Ready Made had the genius idea to turn one into a mini bar. For a small apartment or condo the compact size is perfect and the wheels on the bottom make it portable. You can make a mini bar of your own by heading here.

Have you checked out Design Sponge at Home yet? I am hoping Santa will bring me a copy for Christmas because everything I’ve seen so far from this book makes me want to sneak inside the pages and start playing house. This end table project shows off what Grace Bonney is good at; mixing together a little bit of vintage styling with some mad DIY skills and a finely tuned eye for beautiful design.

image via a beautiful mess

I love this project by a beautiful mess. Vintage suitcases are easy to come by at antique and thrift shops but they can be in varying states of disrepair. Here Elsie has covered the tops with pretty floral fabric to give them a renewed life. For the full tutorial head over to her blog.

suitcase dollhouse by Hart and Sew via modern kiddo

You could also try turning a vintage suitcase into a portable dollhouse. The false floor is a smart idea allowing dolls, furniture and accessories to be stored neatly inside. Wouldn’t one of these be fun to decorate? If you’re stuck on a last minute gift for a little girl or boy on your list you could probably whip one of these up in a day or two.

Pet Suitcase bed by Decor Demon

This last idea is for your four-legged friends; a dog or kitty bed made out of a vintage suitcase! There is a tutorial on the Decor Demon website, and by the looks of it this is a quick and dirty project that will take no more than a weekend to complete. Your furry friends will thank you for it.

So many fabulous ideas. If you want to try your hand at one of these projects you can wait for a vintage suitcase or two to pop up or you can find plenty here

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