Toilets Designs and Renovation at Your Bathroom

The choice of a toilet design is mainly determined by its functionality, size, and height. Many people do not think beyond the looks when choosing, which may have negative impacts on users in the long run. As you shop around the stores, you need to have in mind the size that can fit into the space of your bathroom while leaving enough space to allow ease of taking a shower. With the thousands of toilet models in the market today, you need to measure a rough estimate of the distance between the sewer drain center of the toilet and the bathroom wall. This will help you to get a clear picture of the size of the toilet suitable for your bathroom space.

Toilets Designs and Renovation at Your Bathroom

The distance is usually 12 inches for a typical bathroom, and there are toilets for that space. However, the choice of such a toilet may not be applicable if the rough estimate measure of the distance is smaller or longer.  Such cases are common in refurbished bathrooms, and therefore a different selection of toilet is required. When it comes to choice of toilet design, you need to consider the comfort. Many homeowners prefer the elongated bowls, though they may not fit in a relatively small bathroom. In such a situation, a round toilet bowl can do the trick.

Typical elongated bowl measures 31 inches from the finished wall while their round counterparts measure 28 inches. The choice can be determined by the distance because bathrooms differ in sizes. Taking the cost element into consideration, round toilet bowls are cheaper than their elongated counterparts. If you are on a tight budget, you may choose a round toilet bowl to save a few bucks for other expenditure.

The height of a toilet has a role to play when it comes to comfort issues. A standard toilet’s height is 14 inches, but manufacturers are creating toilets that are slightly taller. These are designed for taller individuals due to comfort purposes as well as providing a universal design for all users. In short, the tall toilets can be used by any normal person because sitting or standing is easier than when using a toilet with a standard height.

stylesAnother vital factor to consider when selecting a toilet is the style. Today, there are many styles in the market, but what suits you may not be a choice for another person. The two-piece models have tank bolts on top of the toilet bowls, but they are considered as cheaper. On the other hand, the one-piece versions have integral tanks and bowls, but they are pricier. However, the one-piece toilets are easier to clean since they do not seam. The wall-mounted models allow ease of cleaning under them, and they are best for those who are looking to put in some drama in their bathrooms.

The only drawback of having wall-mount toilets is the issue of installation. You need to have a thicker and stronger wall to mount both the tank and toilet bowl. In addition, they are expensive to purchase and may attract costly maintenance if the wall must be reopened.

If you are remodeling your bathroom and the place to install a toilet has no drain line, the only alternative is to have an up flush toilet. The installation is simple, meaning your remodeling time is reduced significantly. You will also not need to clean the floor because a drain line is not required. The waste is flushed up into a tank placed discretely next or behind the toilet. A macerator is then used to reduce the waste into small pieces, and then pump the waste through a small pipe.

The waste does not stay in the macerator because the process is completed once the toilet is flushed. This means there is no repair or maintenance cost to be incurred due to a buildup of waste inside the pump. However, a precautionary measure is required when using the up flush toilet. Avoid dropping tough objects inside, and do not use corrosive cleaners because they can damage the macerator blades. So, only cleaning products specified by the manufacturer should be used. Alright, what about the bathroom renovation work?

When remodeling a small bathroom, consider the major areas of interest in order to cut down expenses. Some of the tasks to be involved include the addition of flooring, plumbing overhaul, and some bit of electrical wiring. Identify the essential fixtures to include such as a bathtub and sink, but remember to leave adequate space for a new toilet. Plumbing is one of the generally expensive renovation jobs, but a local plumber may charge a relatively small fee. Remember, bathroom remodeling is not an easy task for DIY. Ensure you have one or two professional remodelers in order to get the job done well.

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