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Wood dining tables by Greentea Design

Our Maru Dining Tables are constructed from original slabs of century-old Korean flooring.

These beautiful 3 inch thick boards were constructed with Asian Pine and used in aristocrats' homes for their main rooms and porches. We acquire the slabs in their original state and use the actual porch supports for legs.

Over the years this wood has developed a beautiful patina and unique character, giving it a smooth feel and rustic appeal.

Smooth and solid, comforting and comfortable, the Maru is both functional and eye-catching, making a subtle statement that is a reflection of your taste.

Narrow Maru Dining Table

starting from $1400

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Green furniture
All our solid wood dining room tables are put together using salvaged wood from Korean farmhouses. As the green in our name implies, we respect the environment and do not cut down trees to make our furniture. Instead, we work with wood that has withstood the test of time, giving it a warm, rustic appeal certain to last several more lifetimes.

Incredibly Versatile
Because of their simplicity and expressive patina, the Maru line of tables are also incredibly versatile. They can serve as desks or coffee tables, but truly stand out when used as dining tables. A Wide Maru at the full 7' length will seat a sizable crowd and the feast to feed them. For those of us lucky enough to have a classic New York apartment, the Narrow Maru is just what is called for in the less then expansive dining rooms. If an intimate evening for two is more to your taste, the Square Maru will provide a warm and romantic setting.

Furniture with Character
In keeping with our philosophy, the Maru Dining Room Table follows the age-old aesthetic of the Orient: elegant yet understated, sophisticated but focusing on simplicity, and a soulful expression of natural materials.

The warm rustic look of thick solid wood that has been walked on for years, makes for a dramatic dining table filled with character. Its design could not be simpler, and its expression could not be more felt.

The dining table is the focal point of your dining room, and as such should be a piece that overflows with character. The right table should also be capable of serving meals to your family for generations to come.

The Maru line of dining tables are constructed from the floor boards of century old Korean farmhouses. The gentle use through the years has given the 3 inch thick wood an incredible patina, and has made it capable of withstanding the harshest of conditions.

Because of their simplicity and expressive patina, the Maru line of tables are also incredibly versatile. They can serve as desks or coffee tables, but truly stand out when used as dining tables.

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