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End tables / bedside tables by Greentea Design

Although small, end tables and bedside tables often leave a large footprint on a room. Careful consideration is therefore important on making your choice.

Based on traditional Asian designs, these end tables are unique, rustic and practical.

Each table is hand-crafted by Asian artisans using age-old Japanese joinery techniques. Built to last from fine solid woods, they are then fitted with hand-forged hardware.

Bean Chest

$625 $500

Small Step

$495 $396

3 Drawer

$450 $360

CD Step

$625 $500

Open Shelf

$625 $500

Click an image below for a closer look at each of our end tables.

Our tables show the clean spare lines of the Japanese and Korean aesthetic.


Like other pieces in our collection, the inspiration for many of our end table designs came directly from classic tables in Japanese and Korean homes.

The Wheel Tansu was one of the more interesting pieces. In the early 1700's it became a very popular chest for one important reason. While other Japanese Chests employed handles on the sides and came in stackable pieces for ease of moving, this was one step better - you could wheel this chest around wherever you needed. Giant wooden wheels became the latest great idea, and the chests caught on like wildfire. And that - fire - was the reason they almost disappeared.

Later that century during the "Great Fire" in Tokyo scores of people were killed or injured when citizens took to the streets en masse with these huge chests. Soon after, the government made them illegal. They are the rarest of Japanese antiques and we have tried to capture the esoteric quality of this unusual chest with our Wheel Tansu End Table. (note: please remove all beverages from top of table before wheeling around living room!)

The Dana Tea Chest has a rich tradition in the Japanese household as well. The Tea Ceremony is a very hallowed and complex event which takes a long time to learn and is passed from generation to generation. So there must always be a place of honor to store the Tea Pot, dishes and other related objects. Each Tea Chest was designed by its owner to their specifications.

Our end table has taken the main elements of the classic Tea Chest and blended them to create a table that is at home in the kitchen, dining room or any other space where varied storage and shelving is needed.

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